Mmm, tomatoes

Got to the farmers market again today – tomatoes! sweet peppers! apples! baklava! savory pies!

The baklava & pies are from Baku Delicious, which specializes in Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Russian delights. I felt that having to compete with the bees for the baklava was a good sign – and I was right, it’s very yummy! (Breakfast of champions here.)

In “oh no!” news, my Starbucks is “temporarily” closed, after slashing their hours last week.

Ohhhhh – NextDoor informs me that the morning crew popped positive on tests. :( Which would explain the cut hours (waiting for results?) and then just a total shutdown for a bit. That sucks for everybody, all the folks that work there are just great and seemed to be happy to be open again and doing something semi-normal. I so hope they’re all OK.

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