Sleep in Saturday!!

Day 23. (I don’t know why I am counting the days, but it seems the thing to do.)

Ran up to the halal market on the off chance they had yeast (they ran out a couple days ago) and then I felt bad for treating them as a last resort, cause it’s a nice little market.

And that’s why we have a container of baklava on the counter. (It’s delicious!)

Also a good opportunity to do a no-sew mask test run. Conclusions:

– The top band of knee high pantyhose works nicely in place of hair elastics for the over the ear piece. (I will be trying my regular hair elastics, but I suspect they could be painful after a short period of time.)

– Going to try a second elastic to gather up the sides, we’ll see how that works.

– Ironing in the creases was a good idea. And an oddly soothing exercise.

– Need pipe cleaners along the top/bottom crease for fitting them a little better.

– Glasses are a problem…they fog up. I am hoping the pipe cleaners may help a bit.

Granted, given the conflicting advice we’re seeing on masks worldwide and within the country, it feels a bit like plague theatre, BUT – I’ll go along with it.

I hopped on Amazon to look for pipe cleaners – no delivery until mid to late April, which is completely understandable. But, Michael’s has curbside pickup and pipe cleaners in stock, so…

I’m just waiting to get the “come and get it” notification. I may have also tossed in some aida fabric and an assortment pack of embroidery floss – fuck, if I’m going out, might as well make it worthwhile.

WHOA – UNEXPECTED SUCCESS MID WRITING OF THIS – the local bakery posted on FB that they have flour for sale, so I called and they’re also selling YEAST! A pound block of live yeast for $6. I also got a loaf of cheddar garlic bread because I felt a little bad to go in going “Hey, can I just get ingredients to make what you sell??” It’s also just excellent bread.

So, this pandemic, we’re gonna learn how to use live yeast instead of dry. I suspect the googles will have advice.

I’m looking forward to not having to treat the world as a giant biohazard.

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