Day 16.

Though the days are all running together and time is a mess, I am so glad it is the weekend.  Spending M-F working and just sort of pretending everything is OK is oddly exhausting.

I have been able to finally settle down enough in the evenings to do needlework, which is nice – that took a good week and a half to get to that point.

Shoutout to the folks who “stress-action” – stress clean, bake, whatever. I wish I was a stress cleaner – instead I just tend to quietly shut down, LOL.

Our CEO sent out a little video message check in, which was a nice thing to do, but hey, CEO’s of the world – some tips:

– Unless you are actually somehow using the AirPods to make the video, take them out.
– Do not, under any circumstances, use the word “golfing” or any variation on it.

Major props to VDH for being pretty transparent with Virginia’s testing & case data. As a data driven person, I appreciate being able to look at these numbers. That being said, we do not appear to be really flattening the curve.

Looking at the past two weeks and the progression of cases & hospitalizations, we will max out our ICU beds in 11 days, on 4/8. Granted, that is pushed back from 4/7 as of 3/20, but it’s not enough of a move fast enough.

But, as we all know all too well, a LOT can happen in 11 days. So, maybe staying in will work – we just can’t tell yet – so we keep staying in.

It didn’t have to be this way. The idiot in chief… I am so sick of the “oh it came out of nowhere, everything was fine 20 days ago” etc, etc. Fuck him, I can pinpoint when I became aware of this on a daily basis – January 30. How do I know? Because at that point, we had a potential case at the university and I had to run an errand right next to the university, and I was a little weirded out by it. JANUARY FUCKING 30TH.

And the Defense Production Act was only kicked on yesterday. And he wants GM to reopen a factory they don’t own anymore. And the constant fucking lies and the retaliation against blue states… I swear, if we do not have some kind of truth & reconciliation commission when we’re on the backside of this… Heads need to roll. Hell, I’m thinking tarring & feathering needs to make a comeback.

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