How is it only Wednesday? Day 13

Work the past two days wasn’t too bad once I got settled in – but yeah, settling in was kinda hard.

I cannot believe that 45 is talking about just “reopening everything” on Easter. LET’S JUST LET FOLKS DIE SO COMPANIES CAN MAKE MONEY! PACK THOSE CHURCHES!

Fuck that. We’ll be having our usual brunch at home.

We could make sure folks have the financial resources to stay home and safe and flatten the fuck out of this curve. There’s an idea.

The upside is that given that the feds haven’t done shit, they can’t really reopen much of anything. My fear is he will rescind the telework provisions and order federal workers back into the offices. And we don’t need to do that. I’ve sent notes to my reps on that.

Liberty University in VA is reopening. That’s a fuckton of stupid right there.

Virginia is in lockdown mode in pretty much everything but name only. Schools closed for the term. Entertainment closed. Non-essential open, but you can only have 10 people about. Restaurants carry out only. Grocery stores still open. Basically, no one is doing shit until 4/24 around here.

While I know folks really need a dot on the horizon that they can focus on – Easter isn’t it. It’s far, far too soon. Hell, 4/24 may very well be too soon, and we just won’t know until we get there.

Virginia’s % of positives as a total is ~6.5%, down from ~10% – but we’ve only test 0.05% of the state’s population. I’d love to say it’s a trend and staying in is helping, but we just don’t have enough data to be positive about it yet.

I hope Mar-A-Lago is infested with fire ants while it’s closed and can never reopen.

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