Wildlife roundup

I love how many critters we see on a daily basis here. Poor artists renderings from things I could not get pictures of.


Three turtles sunbathing on a pond bank

Turtles at Duck’s Cottage

Little ocean fish, little pond fish, carp, and big spinny fish who thought, “Today is the day I FLY!! Fuck.”

Sketch off a silver fish

Just keep swimming

Eastern Willet

Eastern Willet on a creek bank

Eastern Willet



Sketch of a cats face

It was a grey cat I saw…


AussieDoodle - grey and white puppy

A Very Good Puppy!


Sketch of a squirrel

It’s a squirrel, I swear



A deer standing in a clearing

Oh deer!


Cartoon sketch of a dragonfly

OK, maybe they don’t have pink and green wings


A white goose eating grass

Goose at Duck’s Cottage


Duck sitting under a wrought iron bench

Fitting to have ducks at Duck’s Cottage


Cartoon sketch of a pelicans head

Um, he just caught something


Cartoon sketch of a seagull head

They always look a little disgruntled

Ghost crabs

Gif of a goose crab walking across the sand looking like it’s blowing a kiss at the end



A very bright green grasshopper on a wooden post

The grasshoppers at home are not this bright green – so pretty!


Bright green frog on a door

Such a *bright* green!

Silhouette of a frog on a door window

Grippy toes!

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