Be nice to folks in the service industry

Went and got my coffee this morning – ordered two, got a paper and a pound of beans.

One coffee came to the pickup counter.

Mind you, I had no idea if I’d only ordered one (possible, because I’d not had my coffee yet) or if the person taking the order misheard me – and I didn’t know if I’d actually paid for two because I passed on the receipt and honestly didn’t know how much the coffee beans were.

So, I just hopped back in line and when I got to the front, said I needed another iced coffee because while I thought I ordered two, I only got one, and well, I’d like two.

Let me tell you how visibly relieved she looked when she realized I was not pissed. She was able to look up what she’d put in the register – it was two – I got my second coffee and all was well.

Her reaction that I was not at all upset just killed me, cause it says others have been shitty about small mistakes that are easily fixed.

Everyone is human and just trying to get through the damn day the best they can.

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