Right now we’re talking so much about KIDS vaccinations…

Which is good – and I am 120% on the “please for the love of god, VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN” side of the argument.

But, what about us (supposed) grown ups?  OK, let’s just put that at anyone over the age range of 18-22. (AKA, old enough that your Mom can’t drag you kicking and screaming to the GP anymore.)

Are YOU vaccinated?  Or vaccinated enough?

If you have NO MMR vaccination on your shot card, please go see your GP!

If you only have one MMR entry on your shot card – go talk to your GP about either getting a titer test or an additional booster.

Adults are part of herd immunity for those who ***cannot*** be vaccinated.  We’re talking itty-bitty babies and immunocompromised children.  Are you really OK with being a vector for those little ones?

Herd Immunity means, “I will protect those around me who cannot protect themselves.”

And it also means “I will protect those around me whose parents have decided to not protect them by proper vaccinations.” – even as much as we don’t want to enable that type of behavior.  But those kids also can’t say, “I don’t want to fucking get the damn measles.”

So, check your shot card, call your Mom, talk to your GP.  Don’t be a vector for measles – it’s not some benign rite of childhood – it can result in blindness, deafness and death.

We can put this back in the “eradicated” column.

For the record, I went looking for my own shot card, which I have lost and found multiple times in the last 5 years.  Then I remembered that my uni had a specific set of immunization requirements – even for grad students – to the point where my registration was on hold one semester because I hadn’t gotten my tetanus booster.  I looked it up – and they required 2 MMR doses. 

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