Yeah, I did have the game on, and it wasn’t until the last 5 minutes that I realized that damn, I wanted the Seahawks to win.  That being said, the only explanation for that terrible play call at the end is that he decided that giving the ball to Lynch would be too obvious.

But that’s not important – but what is…

Budweiser Puppy & Clydes – He’s lost! *sobs* In the rain! *sobs* He found his way home!! *sobs* OH NO! *sobs* GO GET YOUR FRIEND! *sobs and hugs animals who think I’ve lost my mind*
Chevy – I hate you for making me think my cable had gone out
Loctite – I don’t even know.
Nationwide – Invisible Mindy was very funny.  Dead kid, not so much.  I am sure there are tons of creative minds that could have done a really good and funny household safety PSA.
#LikeAGirl – Can we actually say what it should be?  #StopBeingAssholesToWomen
No More – About damn time.
Katy Perry – Looked far less ridiculous than I expected – and I guessed her hair color properly.  And you have to admit the lion puppet was cool.  (It was supposed to be a lion, right?  Even though she says tiger repeatedly in the song?)
Lenny Kravitz – Good, but needed more of him.
Missy Elliott – SHE HAS STILL GOT IT.  Should have just been her, Katy looked weird just bouncing around next to her.

But really, the sharks stole the show.

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