I have apparently offended the mail and shipping gods…

3 weeks ago, my dentist mailed a refund check to me.  Never arrived.

2 weeks ago, I got what I assume was a lovely Christmas card from a friend.  But I only got the envelope.

Then on the 29th, I shipped out a package.  It was destroyed in transit on the 30th.

Bonus: The lady at Staples was completely confounded at my predicament.  No, the problem is not that I can’t track the package.  The problem is that the tracking informs me that the package has been damaged and all contents disposed of…   (Also, she was fairly convinced that the paperwork would have been packed away because it was “last year”…  Um, no.)

Fortunately, I’m told that Mona who works on Monday will be able to handle this.  I don’t mind an extra trip – Staples is under 5 minutes away and it’s a good excuse to get some enchiladas for lunch.

But seriously – I even gave our mail lady cookies for Christmas!  How do I appease the shipping gods?!

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