Flaky day, saved by the cats.

And today (or yesterday, or whatever Friday was in your timezone) was one of those days and yay for my cats.

My archives administration professor called in some favors and got his students the option of a practicum/mini-internship in lieu of yet another term paper for a final.  I signed on immediately.  (I have already proved I can write long papers.  It’s quite nice to actually do “a thing” rather than writing yet another paper.)  It has been really cool and fun.  I’m processing archival records for a big yet small, or small yet big (I’m not sure how to quantify it yet) record company.  I’m not dealing with tape masters and such, but the bits and bobs of paper trails produced with each album.  And I am absolutely loving it.

The “problem” (and there are worse problems to have) was that between classes and practicum time, I basically scheduled myself for close/open/close/open.  The good bit is that I have a decent amount of time on the Metro in the morning and a Starbucks stop in the morning to get all my brain cells facing the same direction before I start processing these production files.  The bad news is that it’s not always quite enough.

Today, it went all sideways, everywhere except the office.  (And trust me, I am grateful for small favors granted by the universe.)

First, I was halfway to the office before I realized I forgot my badge.  (Cue many, many cusswords here.)  This worked out OK, as there was someone there to let me in the office, and my supervisor wasn’t even there yet – and the actual archive room alarm was still set – so I would have been stuck anyway badge, or no badge.  Database temporarily out of commission, but that was OK, since I had a bunch of manual processing to do anyway, and I can do data entry on my head, and doing a whole slew of it all at once is not the end of the world for me.  (That accounting career path still comes in handy sometimes.)

So, other than the badge, all OK, despite being in “OMG, I need a nap so badly, why can’t I just be someone that goes to bed an hour after class??!?” mode basically all day.  (TGIF!)  Finished up processing, and grabbed some lunch from one of the many food trucks around the building.  (The crabcake truck is worth your time.  Trust me.  As is Señor Taco and Peruvian Brothers.)

This is where I really shouldn’t be let out on my own some days.  Finished lunch and decided that I’d go to the Metro entrance on the other side of the building.  Nice day!  Need some exercise!  Want to finish my soda!

Well, I not only managed to overshoot the turn around the block, I managed to overshoot it by a good two blocks.  The upside?  I got to see this:

A church.  I have no other details.

A church. I have no other details.

Got myself back over to the Metro, caught the Yellow line out with all intentions of then changing to the Blue line once I hit the Pentagon.

A combination of not paying attention/misreading arrival boards/being on autopilot and assuming the trains went yellow/blue/yellow/blue, even though I *know* it’s more often yellow/yellow/blue – and I happily hopped on yet another Yellow train…  Which would have been fine had I actually realized I was on a *@Q#*$&b Yellow train right away.  (This is not helped by the fact that depending on the time of day, the Yellow line is actually the Blue line once you go over the river.)  So, backtrack a couple stations and back on the Blue line and finally HOME.

When I left the house, I told the cats to sleep and send me the energy for working, and promised them an EPIC naptime whenever got back home.  Bless their crazy feline hearts, they did.  I did fine while actually working – and it all fell apart when I wasn’t working.  (I need to be slightly more specific in my energy transfer instructions!)  And when I got home after my misadventures in metropolitan transit, when I crashed, they crashed with me.

There is a lot to be said for having critters that are ready and waiting for you after a long day (and trust me, they are terribly confused at this “alarm at 0630” stuff happening) and they not only guard the room for you while you’re napping, but position themselves on either side of your ankles to make sure you stay put and get some sleep.

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