Well, that’s one way to end a marriage

So, you may have seen this in the past day or so – as she is on her way to the airport for a 10 day business trip, a woman receives an email from her spouse with a spreadsheet detailing all the excuses she used for not having sex for the previous six weeks.

Now, I don’t know if it’s real or not – it came from Reddit, and folks can pretty much post anything, so I tried to read about this with many, many grains of salt. However, it still hit me with a bit of a kick to the gut because it’s the exact type of thing my ex husband would have done. And I know Mrs. Excel can’t possibly be the only woman who has been presented with a list of her supposed marital failures in the sexual arena.

So, Mrs. Excel (and any other Mrs. Excels out there) – when you get back from that business trip, get a lawyer and divorce his ass. This is not a man interested in a happy marriage. If he’s not cheating on you already, this list is his justification to do so in the future. Cut your losses and go have a good life without him.

Mr. Excel – where to begin? First, congrats on taking something that should be fun and enjoyable and turning it into a complete chore. Second, just because you are married does not mean you get sex whenever you want. Being married doesn’t actually entitle you to sex at all. If you can’t handle that (and it certainly seems that you can’t) then you really shouldn’t be married. Finally, if she’s turning you down that often, you might just be terrible in bed.

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