Some things don’t change, even at the beach

Moxley on the deck

Moxley on the deck – no this isn’t same photo as last year.

Much like at home, I recognize the dogs in the neighborhood long before I recognize the people.  Some are the same as last year, some new.

On the other side of the circle, there is a little sand-colored dog at one of the year-rounders houses.  He’s so well camouflaged that it took me a few minutes to see him in his driveway.  He was very cute, with a look of “Don’t make me come down to the street!  Cause I really don’t want to come down to the street.”  He was so relieved when his owner realized he was out and came dashing out with his leash.

A few doors down from there is a golden retriever that spends the bulk of his vacation on the deck.

Then there is the 4 month old pittie puppy that came dashing at us the second day we were here.  Fortunately, she just wanted very badly to make friends and every other time I have seen her, she’s been on her leash.

The standard poodle from last year is back – and still dumber than a sack of hammers.  (As is his owner, who was just letting him wander around off leash and really didn’t seem to understand my concerns.  At least the sand-colored pup and pitty puppy parents were “Aw, shit, I am getting my dog, sorry!” about it.)

I’ve heard about the Yellow Lab on the corner named Sunny from her itty-bitty person, and today we met her grandmother’s Corgi on our morning walk.

Well, Moxley is in love.  Seriously, when he sees other dogs, he usually gives a glance and then we continue.  He saw the Corgi and stopped dead in his tracks and refused to do anything but head over and see her.  I called out to the lady to let her know, and she said it was OK because the Corgi really wanted to see Moxley, too.  (Maybe because they’re almost the same size?  The Corgi has to get mildly tired of the Lab.)

They spent some time happily nosing each other, and I had a nice chat with the Corgi’s Mom and they went off and I thought Mox and I would resume our walk towards the dune deck.  Nope, he decided he wanted to be creepy stalker dog and follow the Corgi.  They finally turned down a side street and I was able to convince Moxley to continue on without her.

For a dog that has never really paid much attention to other dogs, he was smitten.  Must be the ocean air.

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