Ugh, this weather.

Very grey dayHonestly, I don’t know how people who live any farther north manage to actually function during winter.

This was the scene outside most of the day.  Grey, nasty, icky, wet and generally disgusting.  This type of weather is not conducive to doing anything but eating or sleeping.  Maybe reading if you can stay awake long enough once you’ve gotten into a comfortable position on the couch.  It’s just…blech.

Aruba’s motto is “One Happy Island” and I think at least one tiny bit of it can be attributed to the fact that in the middle of January, it’s in the 80s and they get 2 more hours of sun than we’re getting up here.  It’s gotta help just a little bit.

I keep reminding myself that the days are in fact getting longer and daylight savings time will get here in a mere 54 days.  In the meantime, I have every swinging light on in the house, electric bill be damned.  It’s not easy being solar powered in the winter.


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2 Responses to Ugh, this weather.

  1. Ashley says:

    To be honest, no one really functions up here on days like this. :( I stayed in all day, my mother kept talking about how she limited her trips out because of how “blah” and depressing it is…they’re not fun. BUT, it’s been really warm, and we’re all excited about that. And I think that’s how we get by — there’s always some little bit of beauty and hope to cling to, whether it’s warmer days or a pretty coat of snow or a crystal clear sky.

    So that’s my survival tip: Find your little something and cling to it. And let me know what it is so I can see if I have it here.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, at least it wasn’t ridiculously cold to top it all off. One of the things I cling to is chipotle cheddar grits, but I don’t think they are gluten-free. :/

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