I didn’t watch the debate

I usually don’t – in any campaign, by the time these come around, my mind is already well made up and this time around, hell, I’ve already voted. Also, who wants to watch people yell at each other for two hours?

I “watched” via Twitter – it’s the easiest way to catch the high (low?) points and I won’t throw my phone through my TV. Also – I cannot stand listening to 45.

When he put out his call to violence to his little Nazi buddies, well, that’s the exact moment I would have thrown my phone through the television set.

Yo, media – stop calling that a “failure to condemn white supremacy” – IT WAS A CALL TO VIOLENCE.

And the moderators not even attempting fact checks? That bullshit has to go immediately, cause letting so much of 45’s bullshit fly unchecked gives it legitimacy.

And fuck if I didn’t send Biden’s campaign $12 after the debate if for no other reason than telling 45 to shut up. (If Hillary had done that, I suspect she would have been escorted off the stage.)

Biden needs to win by a landslide and we need to flip the Senate, in an unmistakable rejection of everything 45 and the GOP represents. If we can’t, well I don’t even know what we do then.

I’ll be working on postcards this week.

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Not sure that helps…

There is a Medium post floating around Twitter (and OF COURSE I can’t find the damn post itself) from a person that lived under a fascist government and it essentially said “if you’re doing normal things, it’s all over.”

If it was meant to be a warning, it’s too late, but otherwise – I’m getting tired of the hot takes of “if you’re going to work like things are normal, you’re an asshole.”

Fuck, bills still have to be paid, dinner has to be cooked, the earth still spins on its axis and the sun keeps coming up. Ending up jobless and homeless doesn’t seem like an ideal outcome here, and that’s the joy of living under capitalism.

So you’ll forgive me if I keep going to work and planning a nice birthday dinner for my brother. I can multitask and do what I can to fight this shitty government at the same time.

And as long as I’m acting like things are normal like some jerk – after watching the Home Edit ladies this weekend, I realized I can fix the kitchen counter from hell. It’s a wide end counter/”snack bar” and I’ve tried repeatedly to clear it, but it just becomes a landing zone for bread, snacks, and stuff that I don’t want to put in the pantry because it will be forgotten and it’s an unholy mess.

I’ve ordered 5 of these baskets from Target – covers bread/sweets/snacks/paper plates, and then one for the counter where Lily eats for her food & treats.

Oooh, baskets!

So, what we have will be visible, accessible, and CONTAINED, leaving the rest of the counter clear. And – when big cooking days come around, like Thanksgiving, or cookie baking weekend, if I need the full counter – I CAN JUST EASILY MOVE THEM. I even got dividers for them, and some tags to label them, cause I do dig their whole “label all the things!” attitude.

Fuck, if I can get that counter under control, I suspect it will make me feel like I can do anything around this disaster zone of a house.

And it’s time to go work like some asshole, cause those gears of capitalism won’t grind themselves.

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On a lighter note…

Which wouldn’t be hard after my last post – but last night I decided I needed to binge watch *something* that would let my mind escape for a bit.

I stumbled on Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. It’s two ladies that organize people’s closets and pantries and such.

There is a lot of what I can only describe as “white lady squealing” – but it’s DELIGHTFUL.

I had not heard of them before, but they have a huge following on Instagram and yes, that feed is insanely visually appealing.

I loved it. Like, to the point where I ordered their book after I ran through all the episodes.

I like so many things about their approach. While it definitely requires tossing some things, it’s not a PURGE ALL THE THINGS take.

Second, they have zero aversion to containers – they LOVE The Container Store – and they love them back. What a coincidence, I LOVE THE CONTAINER STORE, TOO!!! (Or really, any cool storage from anywhere, I’m pretty sure you can get TCS equivalents at Target or Walmart at probably half the price.)

And lastly – they focus on organizing in a way that can be maintained. Label all the containers so you know what goes where! Clear stuff so you can see what’s there! Make it pretty to boot!

The format of the show is one celebrity closet/room/whatever, and then one regular person/family. They don’t do anything super radical – which makes you watch and think, “I could reasonably do that.” (There were a couple projects they went a little happily nuts on, but on the whole, it’s all doable.)

I know the reason they can get these projects done so quickly is that they have a team of 3-5 people working on it, but even taking that into account – these projects are doable.

Ashley Nicole Black summed it up perfectly:

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I hate my brain some days.

Yesterday, my shitty brain decided it would be great to consider the demise of the republic and the fact that it’s already done.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, it’s not over yet!” – it may very well not be, but that’s not where my mind went. Here’s the delightful conclusion my mind came to yesterday:

– Nothing is going to stop the Republicans from putting Aunt Lydia on the bench. There is nothing terrible enough to make any of them vote no. My lord, they’re salivating at the idea of a lady Scalia, and no amount of public opinion in opposition to that will change their minds.

– Even if we take the White House & Senate, the Democrats will do nothing. No court expansion, (SCOTUS or lower federal,) no SCOTUS term limits, no impeachment of Kavanaugh.

– The R’s continue minority rule via the courts and undo every piece of progress that has been made for the last 20+ years. (Hell, let’s be real, they’re shooting for 50+ years of social regression.)

– We’ll see massive voter apathy in 2022 because obviously voting didn’t matter, the R’s re-take the House and Senate, and that’s all she wrote.

And in short, if you’re not a white, straight, Christian male – it’s done.

And I am genuinely not sure what to do about it. I mean, I’m going to be calling my reps – YET FUCKING AGAIN – and ask what the hell their post-inaugural day plans are, and try to get across that NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PLAY NICE.

As much as I love Michelle Obama and “When they go low, we go high” – we’re at the point where if they go low, we need to stand on their necks as long as they’re down there. (I don’t love it, but that’s our reality.)

What do I want to hear & see out of the Democrats?

– SCOTUS Court expansion.

– If not that, remove Kavanaugh, put someone better on the bench and get term limits on SCOTUS. (Removing Kavanaugh is not a “I don’t like him” idea, he lied about his financial disclosures and that should not be ignored. I also do not like him, but that is not the point here.)

– Lower federal court expansion – that’s not just a knee-jerk reaction, we do need more federal judges anyway.

– A close, second look at all federal judges appointed under 45. Not witch-hunt ruin lives type stuff, but I suspect there are a LOT of judges that have been appointed that have massive conflicts and shouldn’t be there. We have to take a look at that, given that these folks went through the confirmation process with no real scrutiny.

– Spend the next two years passing progressive, life changing, litigation-proof, positive legislation that will help so many people that no one will ever want to go back and we never see the Republican party as we know it back in power.

OK, writing all this out, maybe I do have a few ideas of what to do – at least what I want to say to my reps (I think in addition to calling, I’ll write this all out and fax it as well.)

Also, time to re-up my membership in the the ACLU/ALCU of Virginia. (Oh past me, why did you not go to law school?)

I already voted, so that’s one box checked.

I’ve been giving to Democratic candidates who are trying to flip their districts (mostly just Virginia & NC, as I am sadly not made of money, and these days, everyone needs it.)

I am doing what I can to amplify GOTV messaging, and to that end, I’ve just ordered a box of postcards to do my own local postcard project. This is a rogue, unsanctioned project – when the VA Democrats texted me thanking me for volunteering (I did not) – and I asked if they had any active postcard projects as that is something I could help with – I received no response. But, I can write, “Hey, you can vote now!” many, many times and slap on some stamps and send them out to my neighborhood.

Though I wish my brain had not gone full apocalypse yesterday, writing it all out and processing it is not the worst idea I’ve had this week.

Maybe all is not lost.

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Feeling great, but still a little annoyed

About voting yesterday. I don’t understand how they are so not ready for the demand. They “expanded” – added one additional room in a FUCKING HUGE BUILDING that could only handle 5 voters at a time. (Seriously, the nickname of the building is “Taj Majal” – there is space!)

I’m not annoyed at anyone who was working the polls yesterday – they did a bang up job and none of them have any control over how many rooms are open or whatever. I thanked every person I encountered, from security to the folks handing out ballots and directing foot traffic once we got in the building. They were fantastic.

It was also weird to not get my post-voting Starbucks, but I did get a very large bag of food from the Potbelly that was right next to the government center, with my usual bag of a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, because I have no self control, and they are so, so good.

I still think we are definitely missing out by not having democracy sizzles at the polls like they have in Australia. I so would have thrown a couple bucks to the local Lions/scouts/whathaveyou for a coke & a hot dog after voting yesterday. (Or while waiting in line for that matter.)

This morning, my check engine light came on, ACK, but I was able to pull the code and it’s a sensor – here’s hoping it’s just the sensor gone bad and not something bad in the wiring leading up to the sensor that it’s trying to tell me about, just cause that shit can be hard to find. But seriously, I don’t need that right now.

Oh, Urban Decay, I love that you keep throwing me ads about sales and new eyeshadow palettes. Like I am going to really have any reason to wear makeup for the next year. But, gawd, their stuff is so shiny.

Here’s a Lily.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up on a blue blanket
Huh? What?
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We didn’t get stickers, but you could take the pen home with you:

Two hours and twenty two minutes to vote. 30 years of voting and I’ve never been in a line that long. (And I realize I am incredibly lucky that it isn’t the norm.)

But I unreservedly cast my vote for Biden/Harris.

Warner & Connolly get another crack at it.

No on a redistricting plan amendment (Virginia Legislative Black Caucus is not in favor, and that’s good enough for me. Bipartisan <> Nonpartisan. Also, the R’s are pushing hard for it, which sadly, automatically makes it a bit suspect.)

Yes on an amendment giving an additional tax break for disabled veterans – that’s an easy one.

Bonds – sure on all of them. Parks & Rec (Leslie Knope would be happy), Libraries, Health & Human Services, and Transportation. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever voted against a bond referendum.

The county D’s & R’s had their tents there surrounded by all their candidate signs and such, and the R’s had this gem:

I eyerolled so hard at that I almost pulled something.

But, all in all, other than taking fucking forever, not bad – everyone masked up and keeping distance. A lady working security had everyone applaud anytime she found a first time voter in line.

I would have so preferred to just get my ballot by mail and drop it off, but why should I trust that an envelope clearly marked as election material would actually make it to my house these days? I know other folks in my district have gotten them – I’ve just not had great luck with the USPS this past month.

But the important thing is – I voted, and as always, it felt great.

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Only in America

Can the police get in trouble for being sloppy while killing someone, but not for the killing itself.

When the answer to “stop hurting and killing us” is “shut up or we’ll gleefully kill more of you” – it’s long past time to defund and abolish the police and find a better public safety system. It can be done.

In other angry news, 45 can fuck off into the sun with his comments about not leaving office. (And reporters, how about you just stop giving that oxygen, OK?) Oh, and the R’s can go right with him.

I cannot wait to go vote tomorrow. Not that it’s done me a damn bit of good on a federal level in the past 4 years, but there are down ballot races and voting is how we got a blue legislature here in Virginia.

Plus, I want that man to know I hate him and everything he represents.

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Yeah, the R’s suck

They’re gonna jam through a SCOTUS pick even though voting has started, because OF COURSE.

I swear to god though, if we win the White House & flip the Senate and then do nothing for the sake of “unity” – I’m going to be even angrier than I am now, and I didn’t think it possible, but I realize now, OH IT IS.

Lines for early voting here in my county are hours long. Granted, we only have one place open for the first month, but folks are not messing around. In a neighboring county, more in person absentee ballots were cast in 3 days than all absentees cast in the 2000 general election.

The county GOP were the ones shooting off their mouths this summer that “if you can go to the grocery store, you can go to the polls” – well, be careful what you wish for, fuckers.

At least the weather will be nice on Friday for voting and I guess I’ll take a book or something. Hopefully the local chucklefuck Klan members won’t be there, cause I don’t think I would be able to shut up and ignore them. (Per the AP, of the ~60 there on Saturday, only 3 were registered to vote.)

I cannot emphasize how much I hate, hate, HATE the fact that DeJoy has fucked the post office so badly that I don’t feel like I can trust them to get me a ballot in the first place. (Absentee by mail was SO GREAT earlier this year.) But one package lost at the beginning of the month with a response of “are you *sure* you didn’t get it?” (their own tracking says it wasn’t delivered) followed by another destroyed not two weeks later… Yeah, faith fucking lost there. This is after 30 years of service with no issues. (OK, one Christmas card delivered in June after getting stuck in a sorting machine for six months.)

I’m realizing I have yet another project I have to do over the next couple months – go annoy all my reps again with the question of “If we win the White House and flip the Senate – what is your plan to undo the damage done over the last four years?”

Because my god, there is so much we have to fix, and we can’t just pretend none of this happened for the sake of “unity” or “moving forward” or trying not to upset centrists or god forbid, ruffle the feathers of the R’s.

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My San Diego Padres MADE THE PLAYOFFS!! Considering I didn’t think the MLB season would last a week cause of the ‘rona, and it’s been a while since they had a good season, this is pretty exciting.

And…I have no one to share it with in person.* I mean, I’m the only Padres fan at my little bar, but I bet I could have some converts who would cheer with me during the playoffs. But, Lily & I will cheer them on at home. (Man, that part of it suuuuuuucks.)

We last made the playoffs in 2006 – 14 years ago. But, 2006 doesn’t feel like it was 14 years ago? IDK, time is a mess.

In other news, it’s 47ยบ and the heat is on here at Chez Chatte. Excellent sleeping weather, and terrible get your ass out of bed weather. And yet, I’m still sitting here with a bigassed cold brew this morning.

I am not ready for it to be Monday just yet. I crashed out early after yesterday’s game, but the weekend was just not long enough. At least we get paid this week, and have an early out on Friday, which will be taken up by voting.

But I could just use one more day off.

*Yeah, my brother is here, but he has his own stuff going on.

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Was nice. Weird, but nice. I saw several folks I haven’t seen in six months. Wish it had been under better circumstances.

It was also a stark example of the fact that there is zero consensus in this country over what is “safe” these days. Outside is safer than inside. Outside with masks is safer that just outside. Outside with masks & distance is safer than that. But, folks will just stop at “outside vs inside” and be done with it and feel perfectly comfortable.

My friends have a four household bubble for childcare/support needs. It’s working for them, which is fantastic, but I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it. (There was no “if I die, I die” attitude anywhere, just…different ideas of safe.)

Also, outdoor dining is great, but about that 6 feet? That 6 feet needs to be between *people* – which means the tables should be probably ~9 feet apart. (I spent all my time standing, and not in one place for terribly long…)

Also yesterday, the local Klan MAGATS showed up at our one early voting location to harass people. Fuck them. Like, what the fuck confidence do you have in your candidate that you have to harass folks trying to vote?

On the flip side, turnout for early voting has been ridiculous and they’ve had to open additional rooms at the government center to accommodate it – I will admit when I heard them saying on the radio “we weren’t prepared for this turnout” it made me want to bash my head into a wall. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

I mean, this definitely sounded like someone who hasn’t had one package lost and another destroyed by the post office in the space of two weeks and still had some level of faith in the mail. But, they are tending to it as quickly as they can.

I’ll be very interested to see what the lines are like Friday afternoon and whether or not I have to deal with 45’s chucklefucks out there.

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