Royal Wedding

No, I did not get up at 4am to watch the wedding. That’s what TiVos are for!

It was so lovely. The bride was gorgeous, her dress was beautiful, and that tiara was awesome. (Apparently it belonged to Queen Mary. That’s pretty cool.)

Her Mom looked wonderful.

The kids were adorable.

Bishop Curry’s homily was fantastic. He’s very excited for these two kids.

The Kingdom Choir – wow.

And the hats. Oh My God, the hats.

It’s had all the fun trappings of a Royal wedding, but also delightfully modern.

But most of all, it was just nice. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I needed that.

Here’s Carmen watching – she liked Ave Maria.

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Another fucking garbage day because someone decided to solve problems with a gun.

10 killed at Santa Fe High in Texas. 3 more shot at Mt Zion’s graduation in Georgia, details still emerging.

There is so much we need to fucking fix as a society.

Like when shit doesn’t go your way, you don’t start shooting people.

Bullying will come up, as it does. But can we take the time to distinguish between being a victim of bullying because other people are assholes, and being ostracized because you’re the asshole? I don’t want another “if the kids had been nicer, they wouldn’t have been shot” mouldy arsed take.

And no, Lt Governor Patrick, having less doors is not an answer.

We need to teach people (mainly guys) that they are not entitled to everything they want and that other people (mainly gals) are not responsible for upping their self esteem. And that not getting your way does not justify a murderous rampage.

And lordy, can we have a mental health conversation that doesn’t throw folks with mental illnesses under the damn bus?

All that will take a while to fix as a society.

You know what we could do pretty fucking quick? Make it a little more of a hassle to buy guns, and actually punish those who let their guns get used to terrible ends. I’m getting a little tired of the “responsible gun owner” narrative*cough*myth.

Oh, and to the dickhead that showed up at the Santa Fe site openly carrying with the American flag “for support”- way to read the room, jackass.

Here’s a drink, lord knows we could use one:

And a cat:

Lily, curled up on her blanket, sleeping.

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Another day

Another meeting where I realize I would be terrible at marketing. I lost count of the number of times I thought, “Wait, people are swayed by that?!” over the course of the hour.

Then I got called out for good work, so, not a total waste of time, but a bit unsettling, as I had zoned out a bit.  (It was a very long meeting.)

Survived the dentist.  Shiny new root canal.  Poor dentist had a hell of a time getting my face all numbed up, and I’m still not 100% certain I didn’t take a swing at him.  He swears I did not, but Nitrous is a hell of a drug.  I probably just winced and raised one hand slightly but my brain thought otherwise for a few moments.  Got more lidocaine, tho, so it’s all good.

Got out of that to discover that my senator voted to confirm Gina Haspel as CIA director, and I am NOT pleased about that.  Yes, we need to get someone in that office.  No, it did not have to be her.

Here’s a cat:

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, laying on a blanket, sound asleep

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Long time, no writing…

I’ve noticed an odd uptick in followers of late. So here are the rules:  Trolls and bots will be blocked and or banned, everyone else, pull up a chair and help yourself to the beverage of your choice.

In other news, 45 is still around, which is unfortunate to say the least.

Work is work, but hey, it provides an excellent 9 hour escape from the news 5 days a week.  Good as that is, I am in countdown mode to the beach.  In other news, I have still not figured out how to extricate myself from the DC metro.

But the Caps have actually made it to the theirs round of the playoffs, and my Padres are in town next week, so it’s not all bad.

Here’s some cats:

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On the downhill side of the week..

And I’m kinda looking forward to my dental appointment tomorrow afternoon.  (It’s been a brain bending week so far.)

Last day and a half has been consumed by one client, who thankfully has been incredibly pleasant and patient while I’ve been picking through database tables trying to figure out where everything went sideways.  Sadly, this has meant I’ve not been able to get anything else done, but that’s how it is some days.

The kicker here is that this all got escalated to me, which is fine, but the guy it was escalated *from* decides he’s full of advice for me.  Um, OK, would you like the mess back on your desk?  No?  OK then.

On a way cooler note, thanks to the excellent descriptions by Jeff Lewis of the Outer Banks Voice, I have identified the owls I hear at night as Barred Owls.  Never seen them, but hear them all the time.

In weird “Only in DC”news:

Here’s a cat:

Carmen on my lap

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2018…  Let’s do this

So much to work on this year, but it should be worth it.

Keep nagging my Congresscritters.  (I look forward to the year when I don’t have to this constantly.). It has been heartening to see so many people get engaged and pushing back, and I am sure we’re gong to see that continue.  Just gotta not get completely exhausted.

More balance between work and everything else.  2017 was pretty much work and nothing else.  Need to take a few more days off.  A week at the beach isn’t enough over the course of the year.

Read more.  Twitter is enjoyable, but it doesn’t count, and I’m certainly not lacking for reading material.

Make more art.  Good, bad, disastrous, just make more art and put it out there.

Write more.  No good having worlds and stories just all in my head, gotta get it on paper.

Cook more.  I’m not a half bad cook and I should do that more.

Move more.  My ass in danger of becoming permanently glued to the couch.

May 2018 be a spectacular improvement over 2017 for all of us.

Double  Irish Coffee with whipped cream in pint glass that says I Am My Own Wingman

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No phone?  No problem. HA!!

Good lord not having my phone is absolutely maddening.  All my two factor authentication is out the window, I don’t know how to get anywhere right outside my immediate neighborhood, I’m terrified that my car will decide to break down and I won’t be able to call for assistance, and I’m just generally out of sorts.  Yes, I am too dependent on it, but let’s be real, smartyphones have become a normal tool of everyday life.

The display was separating from the housing and I thought I could put up with it until I hit my upgrade window in July.  The I wondered what would cause that, and I did some googling.

The verdict?  Swelling battery.  Well, off to the Sprint store, because I’ve had one mobile battery explode and that was enough to for a lifetime.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew they wouldn’t be able to fix it on site, but I still hoped…  But the tech took one look and said “damaged beyond repair” and it has to go through all the insurance channels to get me a functioning phone again.  5-7 days in theory.  But I dropped it off Thursday night, so it wasn’t even leaving the store until Friday, and it’s not even going to be in front of anyone until Tuesday.  (Unless they’re working Saturdays, which I doubt.)

And there is no mechanism to track any of this online – only the store can check on it, and I’m not going to bug them.  Maddening.

My iPad is picking up the slack as well as it can, but it’s 5 years old and pretty slow and probably needs a factory reset (if not a replacement) and I don’t dare do that right now because I am sure there is going to be some 2 factor authentication issue along the way, and well, I don’t have my phone.

This too shall pass, but it’s gonna drive me up a wall in the meantime.

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