Oh, the tyranny!

Saw parts of the press conference yesterday and Biden is pissed. And I don’t blame him. On the whole, he’s a good guy, but has a failing in that he has faith that Americans will do the right thing – which makes me wonder where he’s been the past 5 years or so.

But, we fucking put Typhoid Mary in an institution – you can get your shots and stop being a damn disease vector.

And I’ve seen more than one comment of “Well, glad I got my shot when I had a CHOICE” – WTF? So, had it been mandated by your employer or OSHA sooner, you would have refused? It’s just the weirdest fucking reaction to all this. Don’t be mad at the administration, be mad at the willfully unvaccinated chucklefucks who got us here.

I’m glad the administration has put its foot down – but I certainly wish it didn’t have to come to this. Still misses folks who are in very small businesses and undocumented workers, so it could be better, but it’s something, and hopefully enough to put a dent in new cases by, IDK, Thanksgiving when people will insist on traveling yet again.

And maybe we get ahead of whatever the next variant could be. That would be good.

I just still don’t understand how you can look at the cases, the hospitalizations, the deaths, the deaths of KIDS and still be, “Nah, I got horse paste, I’m good.”

Hell, I was hesitant – mRNA is somewhat new, the trials did seem to go quickly (because they had so much support to get them done) and the prior administration didn’t exactly make me confident in anything – but JFC, I didn’t want to land in the hospital or ACCIDENTALLY KILL SOMEONE ELSE. Bonus of being in the last eligible group, I could see that they were safe, so the second I could make an appointment, I DID.

For fucks sake, get your shots so I can retire the Covid tag on this blog.

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Good news?

Our county may be off its Delta peak – two days running of being in “substantial” vs “high” community transmission. Granted, Mu is apparently around the corner, and we’ve got a ways to go, but I’ll take some good news.

Now, does this change anything in my day to day life? No. But it’s nice that something is slightly better.

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It’s O Dark Thirty Wednesday

And I forgot to make a pitcher of cold brew yesterday in preparation, but my brother went and got coffee!!!!!

Lily and I are both very distressed at the lack of daylight at 6AM. Back in my commuting days, I routinely went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. Remote work is so much better in that aspect.

Speaking of the LilyMonster, big props to Chewy – when I told them I had to trash 1/3 of her case of food, they refunded the entire purchase price within an hour. I would have happily taken a prorated refund, and more than anything, just wanted them to know that Royal Canin is sending out crap. (Well, when they’re sending anything out.)

Haven’t heard back from Royal Canin, but they definitely have some kind of production problem on their hands – my brother’s guess is subpar cans vs. dodgy ingredients, which would make sense if cans are the hangup in the supply chain. Ingredient or cooking problems would fuck up the whole batch vs. just part of it.

Gonna talk to the vet to see if we can switch her to Science Diet – I don’t want to have to wonder with every shipment if half of it is going to be unusable, when I can actually get hold of it.

Well, time to go slog through a couple meetings – you have a great day!

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Yeah, it’s going to be one of those weeks where I have no idea what day it is.

But, it’s a short week, pay week, and early out Friday, so I’ll take having to check the calendar every day.

Got hit with a big ol’ wave of melancholy yesterday afternoon – combination of the end of summer, and a sense of loss that the fall is essentially trashed cause of the pandemic. So frustrating to have half the country trying to do what they can do end the pandemic, and the other half just doing whatever the fuck they want – and our caseloads are 2x what they were this time last year for it. And the folks in charge have gotten bored of it all and just not doing anything. Awesome.

So, I threw myself into stitching for the evening. The Williamsburg piece is done – I decided I really liked it without any backstitching, so I just added the legs for the sheep. The pattern was to make a little pillow, but I haven’t decided if I am going that direction, or just get a little frame for it. The original pattern also had sampler letters around the border, but I didn’t love it, so I changed that to the hearts & lattice.

Finished cross stitch of the Governors Palace with sheep on the lawn in Williamsburg VA

Next project is this Christmas ornament, also from Williamsburg. I’m going to try to remember to get a shot of it each day and see if I can’t make a gif of the project at the end.

Cross stitch of a green wreath with red apples
What it will be
Work in Progress of wreath cross stitch with some light and dark green stitching in so far
What it is…

I’m glad my brain decided, yes, we can focus on things other than doomscrolling. Making pretty things is so much better than dwelling on the shit in the world.

In other vaguely annoying things, I had to chuck out *nine* cans of Lily’s food – it’s a kinda gross “loaf” food, but these cans were basically liquified. Super gross. Gotta get in touch with Chewy and Royal Canin on that. Wheee.

Well, time to go do the thing to make the money to buy more embroidery floss.

You have a great day.

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Oh, FFS Amazon…

Last week I ordered two embroidery floss organizer boxes, one regular size for all my floss and a small one for the floss of whatever current project I’m on.

Well, I got two big ones. The small one is now unavailable on the website.

While I appreciate that they thought that a big organizer box was better than no organizer box, I wanted a small one for a reason.

Amazingly, Walmart did have a small one, and I have $10 in Kohl’s cash that goes into effect tomorrow burning a hole in my pocket.

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Happy Labor Day!

Stick it to the man! Join a union! Buy union! Support union workers! Don’t cross picket lines! Repeal Right to Work laws!

Google reminded me that 5 years ago this week, I was in Williamsburg – wee bit bittersweet since I should have been heading down there in a few weeks, but fuuuuuuuck the Delta variant.

Gif of the water lapping up on the bank of the York River
York River

And I realized looking at the photos, that was the real before times. Mango Mussolini wasn’t in office, coronaviruses were something that only came up among scientists, and this was my last hurrah before rejoining society after grandma & grad school.

And this also means I’m coming up on 5 years back in the working world – it’s been a mixed bag, and quite the example of how utterly different things can be in different departments in the same company. Support – “a few months” of being a contractor that turned into 18 months, 18 months as an FTE, perpetual understaffing, cranky clients, cage matches to get PTO on the calendar, too many on call weekends, ~500 hours of uncompensated OT in 3 years, and shocker – burnout. And from what I hear, nothing has changed since I transferred out.

Engineering? Holy shit. Better pay, better hours, I can take PTO whenever I want/need to, properly staffed, nice distance from clients, and no on call weekends. It’s like night and day. Sure, work makes me crazy some days, but QC is far and away better than support. I still have lottery tickets, but all in all, not too bad.

And in February, I’ll have 4 years as an FTE and my PTO accrual will go up! And I’m already having problems using all my PTO so I don’t lose any, so with *more* PTO stacking up – well, that’s going to be a weird problem to have. And hopefully next year I can go to Williamsburg and baseball games instead of this staycation bullshit.

I hope you have today off and it’s enjoyable.

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Ready for backstitching

Cross stitch of the Governors Palace in Williamsburg Virginia

Not bad considering I was working off a picture of a picture after I managed to lose the pattern.

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So, really, how is it Labor Day Weekend already?

I mean, I guess if we’re gonna be stuck in plague times, it’s good that the time is zipping by, but it feels kinda like we didn’t even get a summer this year. The spring had so much promise and yet, here we are.

People are still being kinda dumb around here – today as I picked up my Starbucks, there was an elderly gentleman inside, no mask, reading the paper, and COUGHING.


Yeah, I don’t feel at all bad about the fact that I am double masking these days. JFC.

At least I have my stitching mojo back for the fall. Getting the stitching stand felt like such an indulgent purchase, but it makes the work SO much easier and I’ve made more progress in the past week than I have in the past year and a half on the current project. I may actually get some of the Christmas ornaments I ordered last March done for this Christmas!

Work In Progress Cross Stitch of the Governors Palace in Williamsburg VA - the main building, grass, sky, and little sheep are stitched in
Might be done this weekend!

Good tools really can make a difference. And a little less doomscrolling is never a bad thing.

All my errands for the day are already run, and the rest of the day is just going to be stitching, working on a design for a special ornament, and binge watching murder shows on BritBox. I think I am actually a 68 year old British grandmother.

It’s going to be a lovely day.

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Happy Weekend!

I hope your weekend is as good as mine has been so far. I am very contented and full of food already.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the early work release and hit Target for the first time since before the pandemic. (I think? I don’t remember going any other time this summer.) Thankfully they have not rearranged the store in that time. Checked for headsets for work – they had some on display that you could try on – I picked up a set, and WHOA, SUPER COMFY. Looked at the tag – I had picked out the top of the line Bose that go for $300. HAHAHAHAHAHA, no.

Did score some new bedpillows – I’d ordered a pair off the internet and well, I’ll not do that again. (Return label is being processed on that lapse in judgement.) Should have known to just go to Target in the first place. Did manage to resist the urge to buy a few more bath sheets, but only because the stock was pretty low thanks to kids going back to college.


Then off to Kohl’s to do the Amazon return dropoff – and they give you $5 of Kohls cash. Well, I couldn’t let *that* go to waste, could I? Got a nice pair of Under Armour leggings that will be nice for yoga. I have missed Kohl’s, too.

Finally Staples in the headset quest – found a nice pair of Altec Lansings – bluetooth, 26 hours on a charge, microphone, noise canceling that can be turned on/off and most critical, comfortable. I’ll give them a week tryout – keeping my fingers crossed that these will work. They are “full over the ear” style, so they look goofy as hell, but I’m never on video, so, it’s fine.

And today has been all about not cooking. Market for cheese and salami and crackers to snack on, then the butcher shop for 3 containers of their really great BBQ (one for tonight, two for the freezer.) They also have a wide variety of wild boar sausage, and I will say I am intrigued and may have to try some at some point.

And right next to the butcher shop is a Potbelly. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my favorite Ham & Swiss, and some of their mac & cheese.

So, I am basically warm, fat and happy, and that’s a nice place to be. Debating if the next activity will be a stitching or a nap.

I really need to win the lottery so every day can be like this.

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Another Friday

And you made it – and this week, that is certainly not nothing. Covid, Ida, and Texas just to name a few things trying to send us to the great beyond.

But, it’s a long weekend and management is booting us out early today, so it’s not all bad.

I’ve had a productive week on the non-work side of things. Car picked up, dropped off insurance, dropped off state/county registers, plates surrendered, and coverage seriously upped on the new Jeep.

Tons of progress made on the stitching! Even if I did just now manage to lose the back of the needleminder when I took the piece out for the picture…

Work in Progress - Cross Stitch of the Governors Palace in Williamsburg Virginia

Very grateful for the early out today, since I have to go to Kohl’s to do an Amazon return and that will definitely be easier than on a weekend. The quest for a new headset that doesn’t squeeze my head to the point of a headache continues.

Big plans for the weekend are stitching and housework and generally chilling the fuck out.

You have a great day.

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