It’s my Friday!

And work is gonna be a slooooooog today. I’m not working on anything particularly difficult today, but it’s feature testing, which isn’t my favorite compared to defect testing – so much of feature testing is “we don’t know what we don’t know” and trying to figure out, “how would the client try to break this new shiny thing?”

The target due date was today, but that’s going out the window since development is still making changes, but I’ve hit the critical points of getting the data from point A over to point B, adding more data and bringing it back to point A – and that actually works! (Not without a few hiccups on the point B side that held things up a bit, but it works now!) So, “missing” the date isn’t the end of the world here, especially since the big stuff is OK and overall, testing of all the new features on the next version doesn’t have to be totally done until the end of January. But still, oof, I’ve technically missed a very soft deadline.

On the Turkey day front, I am stressing over the stupidest thing. We’re getting a turkey breast from Honey Baked and now I’m having all kinds of second thoughts. What if it’s terrible? What if it’s not terrible, BUT JUST ALL WRONG?! My brother has pointed out that we will still have stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, petit fours, and a fuckton of cheese and salami. But still, WHAT IF I’VE RUINED THANKSGIVING BECAUSE I WANTED TO SLEEP IN??

Seriously, brains are fucking stupid.

And our county Covid cases are ratcheting upwards yet again. And at the current trajectory, we’ll be back in high transmission by the start of the month… And with everyone deciding that the pandemic is over and traveling all over creation for the holiday…$1 says we hit it sooner. I know we all want the damn thing to be done with – I know I do – but pretending it’s over is just making it worse. We don’t seem to be able to do what we need to do to break the transmission chains, and it’s just so depressing.

A chart showing Covid case numbers increasing.
We need to be under that green line…
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My heart goes out to everyone in Waukesha. It seems like the kind of town where everyone goes to the Christmas parade, and I can’t fathom how traumatized they must be.

I hate living in a country where I have to wonder if I’m walking into a potentially target rich environment when I leave the house, whether it’s some jackass with a gun, or a car, or an unvaccinated plague-carrying twat.

I realize no life is without risks, but my lord, here it’s always fucking something, and we just never seem to get a break from it.

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On a more positive note

I do believe the Thanksgiving shopping is done! We have enough cheese for a small army. The only thing I couldn’t find was plum chutney for the cheese plate, but I do have the Bacon Onion Jam, which is money. (Worth the special trip to the Hallmark store to grab it – and I may have gotten some Bourbon Onion jam, too.)

To go with the cheeses, we also have 3 kinds of salami, 3 kinds of crackers and there will be cheesy bacon ranch dip and Fritos.

Turkey pickup is Wednesday at 1PM, and dessert is arriving today according to the tracking – got a box of “harvest” petit fours from Swiss Colony – butter rum, apple spice, and pumpkin pie. (We never go through a whole pie, but we can snack of petit fours like no ones business.)

I also have a nice bottle of Chardonnay for the day – what can I say, the lady doing the tastings at Safeway was very nice, and I couldn’t have a sample, go “Ooh, that’s good!” and then not get a bottle, LOL. (On sale to boot!)

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, peeking out from a grocery tote.
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Movie night!

Well, last night. My brother has been taking me through all the Marvel movies during the pandemic and last night we watched Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. WHAT A FUN MOVIE!!

You don’t have to know anything about the Marvel universe to enjoy it. It is visually STUNNING. the entire cast is fantastic – Simu Liu, Awkafina, Tony Leung (OMG), Meng’er Zhang (needed more screen time) Michelle Yeoh, and Ben Kingsley, who once again delighted me. (He needs more comedic roles, he’s funny as hell.)

It’s a fun, escapist romp and once again, Marvel has done that thing where you look the villain and go, “Yeahhhhhh, I understand why they’re that way.” Though like pretty much every Marvel villain – THERAPY. THERAPY WOULD HAVE HELPED YOU.

And I know there was some, “Um, first Asian Marvel hero and it’s basically a martial arts movie?” – BUT IT’S REALLY GOOD.

In not fun Marvel movie shit, the county is back in substantial transmission – and it’s my fault. You see, I got a new curling iron, cause with my shorter haircut, I can’t style it by putting it up in a bun and letting it dry that way to make it wavy. And I tried it out yesterday morning and it’s great and works and my arms aren’t dead by the end of it – and now I have nowhere to go again.

When we finally dropped into moderate transmission I wanted to see the numbers in moderate for a week before hitting up my bar and hanging with other people indoors. And at the one week mark, I also got my booster shot and the pharmacist said, “two weeks and you’re boosted!” and dammit, she’s right and all, and here a week later, we’re not in moderate anymore…

Being responsible fucking sucks and I am kinda over it. I’d like to think that booster shots being open to all will help, but honestly, we’ve had vaccines available to all since April and the county still only has 65% of the population fully vaccinated – that number just isn’t going to get any higher at this point.

The willingly unvaccinated jackasses are running around acting like they’re fucking martyrs, and yet in the six months that I’ve been fully vaccinated, NO ONE has asked for my vaccination status other than my employer in exchange for two floating holidays.

If people just gave half a fuck about other people…

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Well, white supremacy wins again…

We all knew the trial in Wisconsin would turn out this way, but I just hoped for better.

No good comes from this.

That murderous shit knows he can quite literally get away with murder if he cries. Don’t think the rest of the white supremacists out there aren’t taking notes.

And I know, this isn’t new – the whole damn country was built this way, white supremacy is just baked into every system we have. And I honestly don’t know how we dismantle it when whites on the right love it so much for its own sake, and whites on the left benefit so much from its existence.

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Friday? More like FriYAY!

I don’t know where that came from, but I had to get it out of my head. But – you made it to another Friday! Half day of work here, and the afternoon chock filled with errands.

When we got our boosters last week and the pharmacist said, “two weeks and you’ll be boosted!” I thought, fuck, we’ll be back to bad levels by then. Welp, our numbers have taken a hard turn and I’ll be shocked if we don’t hit substantial again when today’s numbers come out. Sigh.

I swear, we’re never gonna get out of this.

Please, get your booster shot – if you’re thinking, “I don’t qualify” – oh, but you do – the list of “underlying conditions” is a mile long and if you don’t make it on the bullshit BMI numbers, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES are a condition – and I swear, if you haven’t been experiencing anxiety and depression over the past 20 months, well…

And not getting a booster isn’t going to make a dose appear in an underserved country.

Please, get vaccinated.

I’d like to have an indoor cocktail before May.

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Happy Get Up In The Dark Wednesday…

But, I keep reminding myself that also means it’s a get off work early Wednesday as well. But damn, that alarm going off an hour early suuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

On the Covid front, we got our boosters just in time for cases to start ticking back up again…ARGH. We’re still in moderate transmission in the county, but it’s done a little u-turn. Could be a blip, but also could be the start of a damn surge. DC is still in “substantial” transmission and they’re dropping mask mandates this weekend, while Montgomery County up in MD is reinstating them. And Virginia hasn’t had any in places other than government buildings since May.

Not sure where our “regional approach” went.

And I saw that earlier this week, Beto O’Rourke announced he’s running for Governor of Texas. I like the guy, I think he’s a decent person and he cares, but I do not see what has changed since his Senate run that makes a statewide win realistic. I will be very happy to be wrong on this, but it’s getting a little quixotic.

You have a great day and get your booster shot!

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Van Gogh Immersive Experience

So, last March, I kept seeing ads online for the Van Gogh Immersive Experience and it looked cool, so I got tickets. (Could have gotten them for July or November, but I thought July would be too soon pandemic wise, HAHAHAHA.)

Holy crap, it was amazing. It’s divided into 3 parts, and all of it is great.

The first section is like a traditional museum exhibit – lots of historical information on Van Gogh himself and lots of his paintings. Granted, the paintings are actually projected on the wall in this section, but I don’t think that takes away from anything – I’m not sure you could get his entire Sunflowers series in one place like this. (Yes, I found myself looking for one that said, “For Amy” on it – I couldn’t help it.)

That on its own was lovely – but then you go into the 360ยบ room. Walk in, plop yourself down on the floor (well carpeted) and just…watch the walls. They went through his whole career, all projected on these huge walls, and they animate his paintings (which was SO cool) and all these awesome animated transitions along the way and it was just SO neat and well done. And they have it setup in a way that it doesn’t really matter what wall you’re looking at, you won’t miss anything. Just really well done and super cool.

Then the last bit is a VR experience. I was a little iffy on that, cause other VR type stuff has made me dizzy. But, I did it, and WOW WOW WOW. You get a VR headset (they were scrubbing those suckers down between folks) – and it takes you through the French countryside of the scenes that inspired 7 of his works. That was also SO DAMN COOL. You could look behind you, all around, up, down – they have you sit for it, which is good, though I almost fell off the seat, LOL. And even though the scenes you’re walking through are illustrated, your brain is going, “Yup, this is real” – I caught myself trying to reach down and touch a chicken at one point. VR has come a LONG way, though they need to make those headsets lighter.

Overall, just a really neat exhibit and I’m so glad I got the tickets and it was totally worth driving into DC for it.

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You made it to another Friday!

YAY YOU! Booster aftereffects aren’t bad, sore arm, little tired (but I was also up late last night) and my hip joints are kinda stiff? My brother has the same things going on – the hips are a little weird but it also could be that we both slept like rocks last night and didn’t move at all while sleeping.

And when the pharmacist did the shot, she said, “Two weeks and you’re boostered up, just in time for Thanksgiving!” I’ll admit, I deflated a bit on that – I don’t know why I thought it would be any different than the initial shots, but watch, two weeks and cases will be back through the roof.

And speaking of Thanksgiving – that just got a fuckton easier. On the way home from the shots, we hit the Honey Baked Ham store and got some sandwiches and my brother grabbed a catalogue and I was looking through it last night – AND THEY HAVE TURKEY BREASTS.

Last year was such a clusterfuck trying to just find a damn decent sized turkey breast, I was about to call the butcher shop and see if I could order one through them – but yeah, I’ve placed the order with HBH and will be picking it up that Wednesday. And it’s Honey Baked, they don’t put out garbage food, and they also have a new side – Honey Baked Beans, so that ended up in the cart, too, LOL.

And it’s not that roasting a turkey breast is particularly hard, but trading the prep & cook time for “heat up this ready to go item from a trusted source?” – I’m all in. I feel ever so slightly guilty about it but I am sure that will be gone when I can sleep in a little longer on Turkey Day. And there was an older couple in the store and they were buying ALL THE SIDES, and I do not blame them one bit.

Everything is still kinda hard even on a good day – when those shortcuts present themselves, take them.

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We are boostered!

Of course, not without a little bit of clusterfuckness.

My brother’s appointment was not nuked from the system, but the pharmacist looked at our cards and said, “It hasn’t been six months.”

Um, your website makes a point of saying “Put in the EXACT DATE of your last shot as this determines when you can get the booster.” It then takes that date, adds 180 days (which is the actual timeframe called out by Pfizer, CDC, etc) and the next day is your eligibility day.

And that day was today, which was perfect cause I have today and tomorrow off.

Tell pharmacist, “Walgreens website calculated the date…” She is not impressed. (Understandable given how the website is kinda shit for anything other than just shopping.)

She says she’ll give us the boosters even though it’s 3 days early. (It is not. It has been 181 days.)

I can’t be the only one who ends up scheduling the booster on the 1st day they can for whatever reason.

Walgreens really needs to make sure that their pharmacists know how they’re determining eligibility – 180 days, not “6 months.”

But, it’s done! And next time, we’ll go to the Giant down the street instead!

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