Wildlife roundup

I love how many critters we see on a daily basis here. Poor artists renderings from things I could not get pictures of.


Three turtles sunbathing on a pond bank

Turtles at Duck’s Cottage

Little ocean fish, little pond fish, carp, and big spinny fish who thought, “Today is the day I FLY!! Fuck.”

Sketch off a silver fish

Just keep swimming

Eastern Willet

Eastern Willet on a creek bank

Eastern Willet



Sketch of a cats face

It was a grey cat I saw…


AussieDoodle - grey and white puppy

A Very Good Puppy!


Sketch of a squirrel

It’s a squirrel, I swear



A deer standing in a clearing

Oh deer!


Cartoon sketch of a dragonfly

OK, maybe they don’t have pink and green wings


A white goose eating grass

Goose at Duck’s Cottage


Duck sitting under a wrought iron bench

Fitting to have ducks at Duck’s Cottage


Cartoon sketch of a pelicans head

Um, he just caught something


Cartoon sketch of a seagull head

They always look a little disgruntled

Ghost crabs

Gif of a goose crab walking across the sand looking like it’s blowing a kiss at the end



A very bright green grasshopper on a wooden post

The grasshoppers at home are not this bright green – so pretty!


Bright green frog on a door

Such a *bright* green!

Silhouette of a frog on a door window

Grippy toes!

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Be nice to folks in the service industry

Went and got my coffee this morning – ordered two, got a paper and a pound of beans.

One coffee came to the pickup counter.

Mind you, I had no idea if I’d only ordered one (possible, because I’d not had my coffee yet) or if the person taking the order misheard me – and I didn’t know if I’d actually paid for two because I passed on the receipt and honestly didn’t know how much the coffee beans were.

So, I just hopped back in line and when I got to the front, said I needed another iced coffee because while I thought I ordered two, I only got one, and well, I’d like two.

Let me tell you how visibly relieved she looked when she realized I was not pissed. She was able to look up what she’d put in the register – it was two – I got my second coffee and all was well.

Her reaction that I was not at all upset just killed me, cause it says others have been shitty about small mistakes that are easily fixed.

Everyone is human and just trying to get through the damn day the best they can.

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Battling the news of the day…

With more tacos, beer, good dogs, and some retail therapy. No beach today, it’s 94 and feels like 116 and there is thunder in the distance, so porch time it is for the afternoon.

Pato (duck) tacos with a beer

More pato tacos from Coastal Cantina

A grey and white floofy puppy

A Very Good AussieDoodle Puppy

An orange and black butterfly on green leaves

A butterfly I saw between lunch and shopping

Two t-shirt graphics, one a cat that looks like it’s made from a ball of yard, one a dragonfly with tiny flowers around it

You can’t have too many Life Is Good shirts

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I figured out one thing

Just one thing, but it is part of what is bothering me a bit about this trip.

I’m not writing.

Usually, the change of scenery and ocean air results in hours of writing while I’m down here. Sure, it’s stuff that never sees the light of day, but stories just come tumbling out of my head.

This year – nothing. Not even the glimmer of an idea.


And disappointing.

Because you’d think this view would definitely do something:

Creek bed surrounded by trees

You don’t get much more serene than this

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We’re at the halfway point of vacation

And while I’m fairly relaxed and enjoying doing quite a lot of nothing, I still can’t really disconnect – keep thinking about the work waiting for me when I get back, and there is going to be a lot of it on all fronts, personal and professional.

I know I should just LET IT THE FUCK GO, as I am insanely lucky to have a job that gives me enough PTO to take over a week off at a time and pays enough to actually get out of town for that time. (I am partially blaming the last minute change in venue, I’m still a bit off kilter over it.). But my stress levels are still far too high for being at the beach with ready access to good food, the ocean, iced coffees, and covered porches.

One of my coworkers says you really need two weeks solid off from this job – she’s probably right. Maybe next year I’ll take the whole week off before the trip rather than just two days. We’ll see. (Maybe I’ll win the lottery and it will be a non-issue, LOL.).

The challenge is in getting everything OFF your plate before leaving – this year I had an odd confluence of events that resulted in my taking time off the last week of June, which was great, but the week leading up to it was BRUTAL and I simply could not get everything done and ended up taking work with me. I’ve got my work laptop here again, ugh.

I’m mainly just logging in to delete emails so Outlook doesn’t crash on Monday morning. (I get on average 50 a day. Between midday Thursday and close of business Friday, I had 94, of which I kept ONE. It’s ridiculous.) But I’m also perpetually on the lookout for something getting escalated or a client reopening a closed ticket and then getting mad because I’m not responding, or ending up on the “case hasn’t been updated in X days” list despite the fact I’ve told the client I’ll be out and will pick back up when I return and they’re fine with it.

(The “reopen a closed ticket” bit did happen on Thursday morning – it was sheer luck that I was online and happened to see it and got it reassigned.)

Next year I will do a better job of abandoning all work related nonsense before vacation. (It wasn’t this bad the past two years and I can’t put my finger on what has changed, other than I think our staffing levels are woefully inadequate, but management thinks otherwise.)

Now I need to stop and think about the important things. Like, what is for lunch.

Hey, here are some sunbathing turtles who live at the coffee shop!

Three turtles sunbathing on a pond bank

Sunbathing turtles at Duck’s Cottage

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Twitter is being shit and won’t let me post this lovely crab gif from earlier today.

Crab walking across sand, blowing a kiss at the end

To be honest, not sure if the crab is blowing a kiss there at the end or flipping me off

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7/16 2:11PM, edited to correct issue with caption.

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Unplugging – how do folks do it?

It would certainly seem that I can’t.

While I find that while I am quite relaxed here on vacation, I can’t really “unplug” so to speak.

I can’t help but think part of it is this 100MPH 24/7 news cycle where we’re constantly on guard for what awful thing the Fuckface in Chief and his administration will be doing next. It’s exhausting not just trying to keep up with it all (that in an of itself is a full time job) – but in the realization that the average person is so fucking powerless right now to change it. (Hey, Dems in Congress, do something so we can turn off the news and get some sleep at night, OK?)

It was obviously easier in the pre-smartphone/WiFi in every cottage days to just let things go and realize you’d find out what you missed when you got back to the real world of work and laundry and such. There have been vacations where I had no idea what was going on in the world, and I was fine with that.

Now, not so much, at least for me.

To those who can turn off their phone and decide Twitter simply does not exist for a week? I salute you. Your mental health is likely far better than mine, LOL.

On that note, I’m going to sit on the porch and read for a bit and try to pretend the rest of the world isn’t on fire. I’m on book two of Drew Hayes NPC series, and it’s quite entertaining – I highly recommend it.

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