Ready as I’ll ever be

For whatever bullshit weather comes this weekend. I am currently charging ALL THE THINGS. That includes phone, iPad, work tablet, Kindle, two power banks, and the cutest little combo transistor radio/flashlight/power bank.

Last night when I realized all this charging needed to be done, I grabbed the radio and plugged it in and the power banks that are usually with it…were not. No fucking idea where they are. (They got used a lot this summer out on the porch, and obviously did not get put back with the storm supplies.)

So, there was a mad dash out this morning before the weather started to CVS and I now have 2 10KmAh power banks, which I think are actually larger capacity than the ones I can’t find, but either way – we are ready for a power outage. (Also, how awesome is it I can get this stuff at CVS? I am still astounded that charging cables and power banks and stuff are at drug stores and 7-11 and such.)

And in very clever things that have probably been around a while but I only saw them today – they make a combo Type C/Micro USB cable now – it’s just a Type C adaptor that goes over the Micro connector, but since the power bank charges up w/the Micro and my phone is a Type C, I don’t need two separate cables for it anymore.

USB micro cable with Type C adapter

The BP station next to the CVS was also empty, which is truly unheard of, so I gassed up the car to boot. And there may have been a Starbucks run in there, too.

We have a metric fuckton of food and treats for the LilyMonster, and food and beverages for the humans. I have books, crafts, TV, and work to keep me occupied.

We’ve got freezing rain already – which 12 hours ago they said would be snow showers – the ice wasn’t supposed to start until tonight. So, a half jug of pet-safe ice melt has been scattered along the sidewalk – as I was thinking “who in their right mind would be out in this?” – a little kid came tearing down the sidewalk gleefully screaming.

Never been so happy for my weird pandemic weekend morning person status – errands were run and I was back home by something ridiculous like 9AM, just as the crap started falling from the sky.

The good news is that it will be up in the 40s tomorrow. The bad news is that we won’t see the sun until Wednesday.

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Happy Fuck It Friday!

And we’ve got an ice storm coming tomorrow night, yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Half day at work today, and Monday off, and that couldn’t have come soon enough. I’m in the final stretch of testing this damn new feature, and of course NOW product management and design are going, “Um, should we change X?”

NO, NO WE SHOULD NOT. Granted, they’re just small things and shouldn’t break the entire damn report, but still, NO, I AM SICK OF TESTING THIS AND I WANT TO BE DONE. (I am insanely jealous of the other three folks who were also testing this and apparently found nothing wrong and have been done for like, a month.)

Plus, I also have other shit to do, so this thing dragging on FOREVER is kinda jacking up everything else.

But, it is Friday. And that is not nothing.

Have an excellent weekend, folks.

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So, is it snowing where you are?

Here, they’re calling for snow for the next 9 of 10 days. Nothing more than an inch or two on any given day, but HOW ABOUT NO??

I don’t *hate* snow, but I just want winter to be done, that’s all. (Yes, I know, it’s not even mid-February.)

I was so excited that it WASN’T snowing when I woke up this morning, I made a Starbucks run. (I have since made sure I have adequate cold brew stocks for tomorrow morning.)

But, if some snowcover makes things brighter, I’ll take it – right now I’ve got every damn blind open and all the lights on in the house and it still feels dark as fuck in here. I NEED LIGHT, DAMMIT.

On that delightfully chipper note, I’m going to go finish work while fighting the urge to hibernate.

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What do the birds know?

I’m sitting here in the living room and see a couple little red-headed sparrows getting into it in the hanging basket outside the door and I go and take a look, and there are about a dozen of them in the carport and side garden just having a party.

It’s not unusual to have these little birds about, I just don’t recall ever seeing a dozen of them just kinda going nuts in the middle of February.

Even picked up Lily so she could see them all and she was very, “Whoa.”

Maybe it’s just because it’s a sunny morning, or there is a predator about, OR THEY’RE TRYING TO WARN ME ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD.

So, I’m just going to go work and try not to think about the doomsday birds just outside my door.

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Aging is annoying

I have once again managed to injure myself IN MY SLEEP. Slept on my shoulder wrong and pinched a nerve right up at the top, right where my bra strap would be. It’s not debilitating and I’ve got full range of motion, it’s just quite an “Ow, WTF” thing.

So, that Super Bowl – I knew they were going to have fans there, I did not know they were going to have 25,000 people in the stands and god knows how many running around the stadium partying without masks. That is going to turn out to be a bigassed super spreader event.

Between events like this, the SA variant and the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work the way most people traditionally think vaccines work – I don’t see how we get out from under this.

My Northern Virginia health district peaked 1/8 with a 7 day case average of 1,465 cases – we’re now back down to a 7 day average of 534, which is roughly the same peak we saw back in April. So, we’re going the right direction again – but we were saying that in June and it all went to shit when fall hit.

So, fuck if I know how this plays out. But, keep masking up, getting carryout, and being safe.

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Happy Snowy Superb Owl Day!

And owls are pretty damn superb, so I’m glad they have their own day.

Love me some owls

And there is some sporting event today as well. And for the first time in 25 years, little bro is not spending the day with his buddies. And I know they’re all disappointed, but I am so glad they’re skipping it. I’m sure they could have rationalized their way into it, but yeah, glad they didn’t.

And I do feel really bad for them all, because the get together has always been far less about the game and all about just getting together once a year. (I suggested finding a ridiculous sporting event later in the year to use as a reason to have their party.)

My brother went out yesterday and got ALL THE SNACKS and he’ll be having his own little Super Bowl party.

As far as the game itself, I am not even which teams are playing, but I do know Patrick Mahomes is one of the QB’s. That is the extent to which the NFL has managed to grab my attention this season.

In recent years, I’ve half-watched to see the commercials, but this year it seems it’s all going to be “we’re all in this together” nonsense, which is extra bullshit given that WE ARE VERY MUCH NOT ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

I’m happy for the health care workers that get to go and I’m sure they’ll have a good time – the BBC is interviewing a gentleman who is getting to go to the game and he’s a Bucs fan to boot – he’s so excited!

My big plans for the day are to try and knock off everything on the to-do list (got yesterday all done, and today’s is a touch shorter, YAY) and continue half-watching Britannia on Amazon Prime. I’ve not been paying super close attention, but we’ve got Celts, Druids, & Romans and they’re all trying to kill each other.

Enjoy the game if you’re watching, stay warm & dry if it’s snowing where you are, and have a lovely day.

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We made it to the weekend!

YAY! And it’s going to snow again tomorrow, BOO! Only 3-5 inches at least.

This feature I’m testing at work…it just will not end. It’s a report, and one of the big problems was if you tried a really big print run, it would just go, “LOL, no.” – it got fixed, but then only printed like…8 pages out of several hundred. And now we’re back to “LOL, no.” on big print runs. I am sure the developer just cringes every time she sees an email from me.

I genuinely enjoy my work, but let me tell you – I am so sick of this report and never want to see it again. I’ve got a couple other different individual bugs I’m testing and damn if those aren’t a delight because they are not this report.

I’ve got a to-do list a mile long and I’m going to see if I can’t have a repeat of last Sunday where I got everything ticked off it. There’s nothing terribly heinous on it, it’s just a matter of, you know, getting off the damn couch and *doing it*.

I hope you have a lovely and reasonably productive Saturday. Or a super relaxing lazy Saturday. You do you.

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Um, it’s snowing again…

The last time I checked the weather, it called for “snow showers” this morning with no real accumulation this morning. Now they’re saying 2 more inches by noontime.

This is not the end of the world, as overall it’s not been a terrible storm, but it does pretty much kill my plans to hit the market at lunch. (Should have gotten a full gallon of milk on Friday… D’Oh!) But tomorrow, sunny and 41 degrees at least, so we can restock on the critical items of milk and Coke.

We’ll see what things are like at lunchtime – but yeah, I’m thinking tomorrow. That all being said, it is very, very pretty outside.

And Punx saw his shadow. Though DC’s groundhog or whatever animal of choice we have here definitely should *not* have seen his shadow given the weather today – or anywhere on the east coast for that matter. I CALL SHENANIGANS.

Feels like we’ve had a whole damn year of Groundhog Days at this point. Hell, 4 years if we’re really thinking about it. Sure, we have a new administration, but the GOP is back on their bullshit – calling for a rescue package 1/3 of what the D’s are calling for. Dumbfucks really want a K shaped recovery, don’t they? And even if the Democrats capitulate – R’s won’t vote for any of it anyway, so hell, go for broke and let’s do a bigass rescue package. Fuck ’em.

I’m hearing that D’s learned their lesson from 2008 – but I’ll believe it when I see it.

You out there, you have a great day – stay inside if at all possible, and if you have to go out – layer up and walk on the grass.

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Oh, LilyMonster

5 AM this morning, I heard Lily make a noise I’ve only heard once (maybe twice?) before in 11 years. It can best be described as:


It translates roughly to, “Iz in my mouf, wat do?”

I caught it!

Yes, my little hunter caught a mouse. Note: caught, not killed.

The late great Carmenator was an exceptionally efficient hunter. No fuss, no muss, no announcements – always a quick dispatch and then she would leave the mouse on the kitchen floor to find at my convenience a few times a year.

Lily, not so much. When she does catch one, which is very rare, she then drops it and gently pats it on the head, and then doesn’t understand why it wants to leave. Carmen even tried to teach her once – watched with my own eyes as she caught a mouse, *called* Lily, dropped it in front of her, and Lily…patted it on the head. Never seen a cat look so disappointed in a fellow feline.

But, Lily & I worked together (OK, me saying, “Pay Attention!!” every time she looked away from it) and I scrambled for a little basket, and a capture & release ensued. (Felt kinda bad putting it out in this weather, but it will either figure it out or be a snack for the fox or an owl. It sucks, but it also can’t stay inside.)

But she did good, and didn’t drop it on the bed, and got tons and tons of praise, and thankfully, didn’t seem terribly disappointed that her prize had to be taken outside.

I love this little goober.

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I want a prize, LOL.

Somehow this afternoon I had a burst of…determination or something, and got every damn thing ticked off my to-do list.

I am most proud of getting the bedlinens washed and back on the bed HOURS before bedtime. HOURS.

Made a big pot of chili, which was perfect for the weather and settles lunch & dinner for a few days.

Popped back online for work and yes, the thing I thought was a defect Friday night is in fact a defect, and that’s in the system now, and only took 15 minutes.

Booted myself over to the yoga mat for a half hour, and I still don’t know why I have to kick myself to do it, cause as soon as I start, I’m very, “Oh, this is nice.”

Little bro did the shoveling and dishes, which was very helpful.

And it’s not even 7:30 and I’ve taken a nice, long, hot shower and I’ve got hours to just relax before bed.

Feeling better than I have in quite a while.

Let this be a good omen for the week to come.

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