Whew, we have a turkey

Well, technically a bone in turkey breast, but WE HAVE IT!

The plan was hit Giant, Lidl, Safeway, Giant, Safeway, Giant, Safeway, Giant and cry if that didn’t work. (Last year, I think I had to go as far as Safeway #2.)

Giant didn’t have any, which I was ready for – it’s been years since they carried turkey breasts, but hope springs eternal, and they had some frozen ones earlier this week, but all under 6#.

On to Lidl, which just opened maybe a month ago – took over the old Shoppers space. Walked in, first chill case I saw had turkey breasts! And a 7.84# one to boot. Granted, it’s Jennie-O vs my beloved Shady Brook Farms, but hey, desperate times.

While fully acknowledging that they saved my ass and made it so I didn’t have to go all over creation – it was kinda disappointing, and I had been really looking forward to checking it out.

Somehow the space is smaller than Shoppers was and the stocks are low/sections are tiny. The turkeys were in an endcap chiller, and I thought, “OK, these are some of them with the rest of the inventory in a bigger space on a wall or somewhere” but realized, no, that was all they had in the store. 4 turkey breasts, and maybe 10 full sized turkeys.

And they’re making two mistakes that Shoppers did and had to eventually change – they stripped the flooring down to the concrete, and no matter how much you scrub that, it still looks filthy, and they don’t bag purchases.

But, they had what I needed, and I am grateful for that. I just don’t see it becoming a place I will shop on the regular.

And the ice maker is working again! I suspect that I am greatly underestimating the time it takes for it to make a batch – when I don’t need ice, it seems like it is dumping a batch every time I turn around. But when I do need ice…it appears to not be functioning at all. But overnight, it’s gone to town and we should be fully stocked on ice and then some by Thursday when I’ll need a fuckton for the brine.

So, I can relax for the rest of the day, YAY. I didn’t get that laundry done yesterday, so that is still on the list, but that’s easy.

FUCK: Just realized I was supposed to grab bread with the turkey… Well, I have one more errand I do have to run today, but that shop doesn’t open until noon, but it’s also next to a market, so that problem will solve itself.

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We must be close to Thanksgiving!

The ice maker in the freezer has conked out. The other two times it has happened – the week (or day of) yes, you guessed it, Thanksgiving.

The other two times it happened, it did just start working again within a few hours/days.

I’ve got regular ice trays going, but this is one of those “we need a lot of ice” holidays, and of course, today I totally emptied the ice bin and cleaned it. And then realized it was not refilling with new ice.

The googles tell me that getting a built in ice maker fixed is $100-300, and there is that little matter of a pandemic going on.

But – a compact countertop ice maker is $117. And it doesn’t require a water hookup, just pour the water in and that’s that. And it would free up a bunch of freezer space where the ice tray is.

Depending on what the ice maker is doing in the morning…I may be placing an order.

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Goooooooood morning!

So, my dumb ass was up until 2AM drinking and shooting the shit with my brother last night – I pushed my weekend alarm back an hour to 11:30, cause the plan was to SLEEP ALL THE SLEEPS.

I woke up at 8:30.

I have made my Starbucks run (the Ham/Egg/Swiss sandwich will cure what ails you) and did a dash into the market. Thanksgiving shopping is now down to one critical item: the turkey breast. That is tomorrow’s quest. (And a quest I suspect it will be – had to go to 4 different markets last year to find one.)

But, we have just about everything else. Brie, smoked gouda, and gruyere cheeses. (I may still add a sharp cheddar to that mix.) Salami trio. Sea salt bagel chips and butter crackers. (If I remember, need Triscuits, too.) Tons of accompaniments. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. ALL THE GRAVY. Crescent rolls. Pickles. (Sweet *and* dill!) Garlic-Herb rub for the turkey.

And french fried onions, that I may just be eating straight from the container. (Why would you waste these on green bean casserole when they’re so delightful on their own?!)

Maybe I’ll also whip up a batch of cheesy ranch bacon dip?

Oh shit, one other thing – my market has tiny single serving pies. Need to grab an apple & pecan sometime this week. They are adorable. (Why they do not have pumpkin is beyond me.) Ohh, I should probably get some good vanilla ice cream to go with them, too.

Dammit, every time I think I’m ready for Thursday, I think of a half dozen other things.

But, at least for today, everything that needs to be done outside the house is done, and the only thing I really *need* to do inside the house is some laundry. It’s gonna be a super lazy day around here.

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It. Got. Worse.

Yesterday afternoon, on top of everything else this week, I BROKE A CLIENT DATABASE.

Test database, and they know we are Doing Things with it, so, not the end of the world, but FUCK ME.

And mind you, this *was* at the direction of the Director of Engineering, and I’d told him at the outset, “If this blows up, I am telling everyone it’s your fault” – and he agreed that was fair, but I am the one that pushed the button.

When it happened, I really couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh, cry, or fling myself out the window. So, I email Director & Senior Engineer, tell them what happened, and… “Oh, don’t worry about it, just keep mashing those buttons and processing those files we sent…”

I mean, it’s a VERY BIG DEAL to me, but, hey this is why they make the big bucks.

They give me more files to process, and *boom* more errors.

It’s one of our half-day Fridays and we have hit that half-day point. I haven’t slept decently all week, I’m exhausted and still need to run to the grocery store, and I’m very ready to just log off. So…I suggest that we tackle this fresh on Monday morning.

So, I hold my breath for a few minutes wondering if I have stepped in it, and my Director agrees Monday is fine and wishes me a nice weekend.

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Everything this week has been like pulling teeth.

One of my devs had Outlook eat a day of her emails, so a day lost where I was thinking she was just very busy (not unusual) when in fact, she had no idea I’d contacted her.

Support issue w/a big client that’s been bouncing around for a week or so – only today did I find out that support *did* recreate the issue in house – and I was able to do the same.

Trying to test something in parallel w/someone on the other side of the world – my half is done now *finally* – no fucking clue where they are in the process. Almost done? Not started? Somewhere in the middle? Who knows.

Something I’m working on for an unreleased version (no immediate deadline) – doing it in my spare time and it’s just…so…freaking…slow…because my dumbass went overboard in my test plan.

And another defect where, well, fuck, I don’t know what’s going on with it – the dev appears to be making more changes, I *think* in response to something I pointed out, but they also said that was a separate issue and we opened a separate defect for it, so… I don’t know.

Everything will sort itself out, as it always does, but I am going to get a big bruise on my head from beating it into a wall this week.

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What a fuckin’ day…

Not a bad day, just… a fuckin’ day.

The thing I thought was broken last night – not broken, my dev walked me through the logic and yes, that made sense. Not the logic I would have used, but I am not the designer, so… I deal. Though while trying to do additional testing on it all day my brain was going, ‘THIS IS WRONG. SO WRONG. SO VERY WRONG.”

Then I had one scenario – not a freakishly common one – but one part of the data just looked *weird*. The math worked, I checked multiple times, it just looked odd. I can’t tell you why it looked weird, it just did, but again, the math worked, so, I had to let that go and accept that sometimes things look weird and you can’t articulate why they do. (I suspect it will make sense later as many things do.)

Then of course I found one more little thing late today – I don’t know if it’s actually broken or another situation where I’m applying the wrong logic to the calculations. But I swear, I seem to only find this shit late in the afternoon, and my dev must think I don’t do shit between 8AM – 4PM.

And I was feeling bad cause it took me til Friday to find the first problem – but I realized, the earliest I could have actually found it was Thursday, *and* there is another person parallel testing on another system…and I haven’t heard a peep out of them until today, so I don’t know if they didn’t run into it at all, or what is going on there.

There’s part of me that wants to scream, “OK, didn’t hit this problem until this afternoon, BUT THEY DIDN’T FIND IT EITHER!”

Just one of those days you want to shout from the rooftops, “I’m not incompetent!” while everyone around is probably going, “Um, OK, didn’t say you were.”

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Whoa, settle down, brain

I watched the SpaceX launch the other night – being of the Challenger generation, I usually do *not* watch these, but I did and it was pretty cool. Then last night my brain thought, “Hey, lets have a dream that it wasn’t a SpaceX capsule that went up, but the old school Shuttle. And that it docked and blew up.”

What. The. Fuck. Brain.

On the work front, gonna be an interesting day… One bug the client is very anxious for a fix (I get it) – tested it Friday – nope, not there. Dev fixed yesterday, I logged on last night after the build was done to check real quick – much closer, but not quite there… And I doubt my dev on that one would have been checking her email at 8PM last night to try a fix again before the next build this morning. So, next chance I’ll have to see if that one works will be 7PM tonight. Did I mention the testing needs to be done on it by COB tomorrow to go out in this maintenance cycle?

Then another one where a bug from April respawned while something else was being fixed. That one put me in a full on panic, because I TESTED THAT BUG IN APRIL. Like I pulled out my testing docs from it to make sure I hadn’t somehow fucked up the tests and somehow not noticed that it was broken. Nope, it was fixed, now it’s just not. So, not me!

So, no idea what’s going to be ready to test today for this maintenance cycle. I’ve got plenty else I can do that isn’t as time sensitive, but yeah, I need these suckers fixed now. (Sure, the clients do, too, but this is about ME!)

Welp, time to go see how harried the next two days will be.

You have a good day, mask up, and stay safe.

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Hey, a little good news this morning

Looks like Moderna’s vaccine is doing really well in testing – near 95% effective!

Now if we can just get folks to just not do things between now and when we can get those jabs.

One of many disappointing things about this pandemic is that even with all the destruction its wrought over the last 8 months in this country – we’re not going to get any of the structural change we need, and have needed for years.

Sick folks still can’t stay home safely, cause they have to eat & pay the bills. UBI is still a pipe dream. Small businesses got screwed on relief. We did pretty much nothing to incentivize high risk workplaces to be safer – hell, the R’s want to remove liability for them. We have people in fucking Congress who won’t wear masks.

Even in Virginia, I don’t think our new restrictions are enough by any stretch of the imagination. You can still eat indoors, gyms and hair salons are still open, and you can get 25 people together in one place. We’re still enabling spread behaviors – and if we’ve learned anything in the past 8 months – if folks *can* do something – they will.

And saw this on Twitter last night – more truth to it than fiction for sure:

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism. Stay safe, kids.

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I’m very tired

The fact that this country is filled with selfish people is not a news flash. But I am so very, very tired over the fact that there are so many people that just don’t care about others – at all.

You couldn’t just stick with carryout meals for a couple more months?

You couldn’t just put on a fucking mask?

You don’t understand that you can’t have a “bubble” with thirty people in it?

Can’t you just skip the bigassed gatherings for the holidays this one fucking year?

You can’t just stay the fuck away from people for a little while longer?

The “oh we’re eating” assholes were back at the market this morning. All I could muster was a death glare going in, but I noticed someone from the market was talking to them when I left, so perhaps they’re getting the message that THIS ISN’T A RESTAURANT.

I’m just really tired of folks who just do not give a fuck about others and never have.

And to everyone else out there still staying home, getting carryout, masking up, and doing their best – thanks.

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246 days

Since Plague Friday and Virginia is tightening restrictions again. Max number for gatherings is 25 – down from 250, restaurants can’t serve alcohol after 10PM and have to close by midnight, and kids over the age of 5 have to mask up (was 10).

WHY THE HELL WERE WE EVER ALLOWING 250 PEOPLE TO GATHER ANYWHERE? Shit, 25 is still too many in my mind, but it’s better than 250.

These changes will have zero impact on me. If they interfere with your social life, congratulations, YOU’RE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

I did my usual Saturday zip in and out of Starbucks and the market. Boy Scouts were doing a food drive – needed, but hard when folks don’t really want to spend extra time in the market. But they got a big bag of fruit cups from me – the good stuff, too – Dole, packed in juice! Grapefruit, mandarin oranges, and pineapple. No one is getting scurvy on my watch.

Shopping for Thanksgiving is ~90% done – I’m shooting for only having to get the turkey Thanksgiving week. Still need to get the cheese board goodies and pickles. Oh, and crescent rolls. Oh, and the disposable roasting pan. OK, maybe only ~80% done, LOL.

Damn, now I’m hungry thinking about it. Time to go forage for lunch!

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