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Let’s eat!

I’ve been eating better since my brother has been temporarily out of the house than I have in a while, LOL. It’s not all him being gone, but about 50/50. First – I have had SALADS for lunch TWO DAYS … Continue reading

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So, it’s Friday

But time is meaningless, given that it’s also March 315th, 2020. But, so far just this week, we’ve gotten through an attempted coup, an election certification, and a continued pandemic – all while still having to work, get the bins … Continue reading

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It’s OK to do “normal things”

I’m sure you’ve read in any number of places that we can’t “normalize” yesterday’s coup attempt/domestic terrorist attack at the Capitol. And they’re right – we cannot normalize this. But, doing normal things in the midst of a crisis – … Continue reading

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Well, that was surreal

Among other seditiony and treasony things. I mean, I knew yesterday would be a shitshow, but I expected separate inside and outside debacles. I did not expect the Capitol Police to just let those fuckers waltz in and take selfies … Continue reading

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One down, one to go

Congrats to Reverend Senator Elect Warnock! Heard on the radio we know about Ossoff/Perdue by noon today – and that one is going probably going to end up in recount territory. Gawd, I hope Ossoff wins, because McConnell will be … Continue reading

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Come ooooooonnnnn, Georgia!

Please, for the love of all that’s good and holy, put Ossoff & Warnock in office. We all deserve a Congress that will help everyone – not just rich, white motherfuckers. Seriously, we cannot have a Senate with Mitch McConnell … Continue reading

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Brains are stupid

So, my nose/sinuses are bothering me a bit today. I know it’s because the upstairs humidity doesn’t even hit 30% this time of year, and I’ve been forgetting to fill and turn on the humidifier overnight. I know this. I’ve … Continue reading

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A bleary eyed happy Monday to you

Too much news & stress yesterday and I did not sleep for shit. Not the ideal way to start off a full 5 day, no early-outs week. That call that 45 made to Georgia’s Secretary of State is just…nuts. Typical … Continue reading

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Quick Lily

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Well, I have a new phone

Given the choice between paying a ridiculous deductible to get a non-widescreen obsolete replacement or paying a reasonable amount for a new up to date phone that will even work with 5G when it comes around that I could take … Continue reading

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