Oh happy Saturday all!

Here it is warm and sunny and Spring is definitely here! And boy are all the plants having sexy time – my bright blue car is currently green with all the pollen, and I washed it last week and you wouldn’t even know. It was even warm enough to wear shorts for the coffee run this morning, YAY!!

Big exciting weekend plans are finishing off my taxes, housework, and some free food! Our new internal recognition thing at work gives points you can cash in for stuff, and I cashed mine in for Outback gift cards. Glad they switched to this system, cause a good job note is nice, but a steak is better.

On the housework front, work being such a bitch the past month has made it hard to do anything more than just the bare minimum, but I’ve at least done that, and Iggy the Roomba has been AWESOME. I love this little helper robot so much. The weekly cleanout of it’s little rollers shows me how much it’s picking up and it’s impressive.

The only hitch has been that it isn’t capturing obstacle pictures – the internets said that a hard reset should do the trick, so I did that this morning. But even though it said it would save the maps to the cloud when I reset, they are gone, LOL. So, Iggy is on a mapping adventure again today.

I don’t *need* the obstacle pictures, but I really want to see when Iggy and Lily meet up, LOL. My brother told me they got into a standoff the other day and I would have LOVED to see that shot! I’m so proud of Lily for not being scared of it. I keep telling her she can ride it if she wants to – we know from the internets that it can be done.

And yes, I do talk to Iggy all the damn time. He’s helping me! It would be rude not to! I say hi when he comes through the room, reassure him when he gets stuck, and tell him he’s doing a great job when he finishes up. And I am still utterly fascinated by it in general. Just the fact that it knows where it’s little base station is – I know it’s electronics and sensors, but it’s still so cool to me. And now that I think about it, that little vacuum probably has more computing power than my first computer did.

I hope your day is easy and has fun things like watching a cool little robot vacuum.

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