What a week

But it’s done and it’s Saturday and YAY, even if I am basically on call this weekend cause, clients.

Got all my shit done and made the dumb, artificial deadline pretty early yesterday and thought to myself, “I ain’t doing shit the rest of the day. I’m gonna sit here and stare at the wall.” HAHAHAHAHA. My dev needed me to test one more thing, which was fine and thankfully easy, and then…clients.

Client: Thing still broken after we did the fix you told us to do.
Me: Send data!
Client: The test db was auto overwritten last night, we have to start over, it will be 3 hours til you have data
Me: Sobs. Gets data. WTFs a lot. Dev sees the problem and why the fix didn’t work.
Client: Y’all are gonna be available over the weekend, right?
Me: Here is a new and improved fix. Me and my dev are logging off now, you can call support, they can find me tomorrow.

I’d like to say I was putting out reasonable boundaries and expectations, but I was already on hour 13 of my day, completely brain dead, and just proud of myself I didn’t tell them to go yeet themselves in to the sun.

Thing is, this is cause of some bad historical data, and we fixed that last month and it should have taken care of it, but suddenly there is more bad historical data. (If it was there last month, it would have caused problems last month.) I think I know what they did that caused it – but they swear they didn’t. My dev said it was a different process that caused it, but I’m not totally sure. If they call in this weekend, I have a query ready for process history so we can see for sure which process touched this table, cause that is gonna bug the fuck out of me not knowing for sure.

I will give the client a ton of credit for being incredibly gracious and acknowledging that it is their bad data, not our app causing the problem, but ugh, could you start looking at these things on IDK a Tuesday?

And between all that and “blitz testing for an app with an artificial deadline” is how I turned in a 120 hour timesheet for the pay period. Not repeating that any damn time soon, and I need to get those comp days I’ve got on my calendar here very soon. Now that we’re past crunch, things will slow down and Easter Monday looks like a nice day to take off since I’m already taking this Friday off.

And I’ve got a ton to catch up on around the house this weekend, but I am also just still flattened, so I think it’s just gonna be critical stuff today.

You have a restful day!

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