Well, Happy Presidents’ Day!

Talk about a holiday with pretty much zero meaning for me other than a day off work, LOL. But I will absolutely take it. (Does it really have any meaning outside of mattress sales and a module in elementary school?)

Today’s fun and games are getting my teeth cleaned (why did I agree to this date? WHY?) the drywall patching that we didn’t get to yesterday, swap out the screen door insert on the front door, and then the regular stuff around here.

Yesterday, I got caught up on ALL THE THINGS that had fallen by the wayside over the past few weeks. So. Much. Vacuuming. And laundry – and there is still more to do, but that is on pause right now – there are a few baskets of clothes in the laundry room and as my brother pointed out, “that is where laundry is supposed to be.” And he’s right, and honestly, the laundry area in the basement is probably the most normal place in the house right now.

And one fun side effect of all this work around the house – I am so freaking battered and bruised. I have whacked myself in some form or fashion pretty much everywhere, the worst being my right elbow, and every time I lean on it, I am reminded that I smacked it hard into a doorjamb. And the rest of my body just hurts a lot.

Honestly, I really just can’t wait for it to be 4PM tomorrow and have the appraisal done. I’m not even worried about the number he comes up with – it would have to be 30% below my own lowest estimate to even be an issue, I just want it done.

It’s been the kick in the ass we’ve needed to get a LOT done around here that needed to be done, but getting it all done in a very short period of time has been exhausting and stressful. But, we’re in a really good place for going forward – we just can’t slack off and gotta do a little every day to keep everything in check. BUT – it really only has to be a little every day – I just have to remember that.

And now it is time to mentally and physically prepare for the dentist. Earbuds are charged and in my purse. Advil Cold & Sinus tablet to take now, plus a snort or two of nasal spray right beforehand – we’re not going to have our nasal passages slam shut halfway through when we need the nitrous oxide.

AND THE DENTIST JUST CALLED AND THEY’RE OUT OF NITROUS AND WE HAVE RESCHEDULED! Even though it only would have been an hour or so – I feel like I just got my whole damn day back!

Well, now I guess I gotta go get things done, LOL. You have a fantastic day and I hope some meeting or appointment or whatever you may be dreading gets canceled.

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