What a depressing day

Starts with a shooting, there is no sun, and my motivation is net negative today.

I did finally make the damn Teladoc appointment I was going to make three days ago and the long and short of it is if you can’t tolerate prescription decongestants and steroid sprays, and the OTC meds you *can* tolerate are out of stock everywhere – you’re just fucked. (I swear, I could hear the practitioners brain short circuit when I said “I’m sorry, I can’t tolerate prescription decongestants.”) Though they apparently called something in anyway 4 hours ago per the email, but I’ve gotten no notification from the pharmacy, so IDK.

And I somehow bashed/twisted/strained my finger on something earlier today and I have no idea what or how, but OW?

And I’m feeling super stressed today for reasons I just can’t nail down. Not anxious, just…stressed?

But I’ve knocked out the to-do list for the day, done the crossword (40 minutes, but I needed 3 hints) and done some yoga, so that’s something.

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