Where is my sun??!??

I do understand how weather works and not every day is gonna be bright and sunshiny, but my lord it is SO grey and depressing out there today. Just makes you want to go back to bed, and I so very much want to go back to bed.

On the work front, yesterday I guaranteed my job for another day by giving my developer more work to do for me to check on Monday, LOL.

This week we had our annual kick off “go team go” meetings – by all accounts, 2022 went well for us, but the true proof on that will be in the bonus numbers – and you’d think the kick off meeting would be a great time to announce that, but noooooo, they don’t announce that until usually the first or second week of February. I WANNA KNOW NOW.

And despite these meetings and the general upbeat attitude in them – watching all these big tech sector layoffs has me very nervous. I mean, my company is tech, but not like Google or Facebook tech, but still… Last fall when we had our department meetings, I flat out asked that given that the Fed is determined to throw us into a global recession, were we going to be looking at layoffs and they said no, but yeah, can’t help but be nervous.

So, that has me ruminating a lot on how to best be ready for everything to go sideways, which is fun!

But, it is what it is, and whatever happens, I’ll muck through somehow.

You have a lovely day.

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