What a damn delight of a day!

And I am NOT being sarcastic, it was just a super lovely Sunday.

Got all my stuff done around the house. Did the liquor store run and picked up some supplies for my buddy with a broken ankle. Renewed my library card. Got the car washed. Did a bunch of yoga! (The app has added a dozen more beginner sessions!)

Feasted on leftover roasted potatoes and sausage and there is still a bunch left, so no cooking tonight! Or tomorrow!

And made a nice amount of progress on my Lego Bonsai! It’s been a while, but damn, those bricks to not stick together the way I remember them. My brother says it’s just depending on what you want them to do – need to separate them, they’ll stick like they’re glued, need them to stick, they’ll come apart when you look at them.)

But we have a stand, a vase, and a trunk!

And I still have one more day off, YAY!

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