How cold is it?

Cold enough that my little car was very DANGER WILL ROBINSON, LOW AIR PRESSURE IN THE TIRES!! It was 11° out there when I went for coffee and one last trip to the market.

And the cable and internet just went out, so I’m working with a 4G connection with 3 bars until that is back up and running.

Because of this, I’ve also learned that the cable company has a default restoration time of 4 hours when their systems initially detect an outage. Cause there is no way that in the time it took for the cable to go out, and me to get to the web page that said all was well, refresh once to see yes, there is an outage, that they would know it would be 4 hours.


I can absolutely deal with this, but I am realizing how much of my active and passive entertainment requires an internet connection, LOL.

But I’ve fired up the little emergency radio and we’re rocking out to DC101, static and all.

And suddenly the cable website says all is well again? But it’s not?

Ah well, hardly the end of the world. I’m home, we have power and heat and food, so it’s all good.

You have a wonderful and warm day.

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