That is the sound that Twitter is making as it just…implodes.

The verification/Twitter Blue fiasco today – hoo boy, I don’t know how you get any advertisers back who have already left, or convince any others not to leave.

And parts of the site are already breaking – I had notifications turned on for the Foodraiser organizer so I could get updates. Realized Monday I wasn’t getting them anymore – not only am I not getting notifications, the button to get notifications is gone on his profile. (And it’s not something you as a user can turn off/disable.)

The only saving grace right now is that I still have the latest tweets option, which leaves me a bit less at the mercy of the algorithm.

But it’s not going to be long before they lose more advertisers, fire more folks, have more folks quit, and the site just isn’t going to function.

I’ll stick around as long as I can, but Mastodon is looking really good. The mechanics are close enough to Twitter that it didn’t take much time to get used to it, it’s a lot calmer overall (granted, I am following a lot less people) but I do like it, and it’s been pretty easy to find a lot of Twitter folks and find new people who have been there a while.

It’s also got some nice features – you can edit posts! When you mute someone, you can mute them for a specific amount of time – so when someone announces they’re gonna livetweet the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you can just turn them off for a day and then they’re automatically back.

Bit of a bumpy landing for some folks – a weird aversion to doing Content Warnings, which really, it’s just a subject line and I don’t get the resistance – it’s an easy thing to do, and makes reading easier – because there are filters, which are great – but if you’re just not feeling like keeping up on politics one evening *cough*last night*cough* – trying to filter out the word “politics” is still going to get you a lot of political posts. And a lot of indies are worried about self-promotion – cause there are some older users who are frowning on it, forgetting that indies are self-employed and need to promote their work.

But overall, it’s pretty good and the bumps will smooth out over on the pachyderm site.

But Twitter – I don’t know how they come back from today.

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