Got my second shingles shot yesterday, YAY, and then called out of work today, LOL.

I don’t feel *bad* but I am just so, SO tired. This morning I thought once I was up and moving around and had some coffee, I’d be fine, but nope – after I went through my emails and Teams notifications and then just found myself staring blankly at my work laptop that I realized, nope, there would not be enough coffee in the world today to be able to function properly for work.

Sure, I could power through it and make mistakes all day and have to redo it all tomorrow, but that doesn’t seem smart.

And honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself for just taking a knee today instead of forcing myself to try and work. PTO is for anything, dammit.

And of course I am too tired to mentally function, but also too awake to go back to sleep. So today will just be a lot of resting on the couch and gentle puttering about, because I am allowed to put myself before work every now and again.

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