Oh, thanks universe!

So, I’m switching dentists – my old one is out of network and just keeps getting more expensive, so time to go to someone in network.

I haven’t been consciously dragging my feet on it, I just tend to think about it at 10PM at night and that is not the time to be able to get on someone’s calendar.

This past weekend, my hand to god, I swore this week, no matter what, I would get into a new practice. Even thought about it this morning before work – promised myself I would make the call at lunch today at 2PM.

I swear.

1PM the universe decides that it will NOT LET ME SOMEHOW FLAKE ON THIS and a crown fell out. Like, post and all, LMAO.

The good(?) news is that I am not in any pain. I also have an appointment Friday morning at 9AM for a cleaning and consult. (I am at my six month point, so, right on time for that at least!) The downside, they only have 1 nitrous setup and it will already be in use with another patient at that time. So, headphones and VERY LOUD MUSIC IT WILL BE!

And honestly, this particular tooth – I’m totally OK with digging out whatever may be left there and stitching it up and maybe we think about an implant down the road.

But hey, I have a new in-network dentist!

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