Happy FML Wednesday!

Though, given that the alarm is set for 6 every day and not just Wednesdays anymore, I suppose it’s just Wednesday. But, the meetings do go on and they’re too early, and I am so happy I don’t have to actually speak during them, LOL.

Last week I remembered that my insurance covers Covid test kits. Submitted my claims. It says they’ve been processed, and “Plan Paid $XX”. Great! But it doesn’t say *how* the plan paid. Did they issue a check? Is it coming via direct deposit? Is this somehow going to go against my deductible instead? Literally, a one line note on the claims page of “and this is how you’re getting your money” would be helpful.

And I put in my claims for my acupuncture to my FSA plan, they kicked it back saying “we think this is covered by insurance” (I don’t think it is) – and now they’re pending with insurance – and all have 10/25 as the visit date on the claims page, which is the submitted date – and I *know* I put in the actual visit dates…

UNIVERSAL HEALTH, VISION, AND DENTAL, PLEASE. I need a admin assistant for all this.

You have a great Wednesday, and don’t let your insurer make you bonkers.

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