Happy Hump Day!

And it’s FML meeting Wednesday and I have just used the last of the caramel syrup for my coffee. *sob* (More should be arriving today, but I am sitting here wondering what other sweet stuff I can dump in my second cup…)

Work is trying hard to be crazy, but I am not letting it. I am still happily sending my daily updates to the team lead of “what got done today and what the plan is for tomorrow” – it’s annoying, but if it helps him get his arms around our capacity issues, so be it. Of course, I get “If it’s not too tedious can you use this format?” – this is all tedious, but it’s also just another tab in my tracking spreadsheet that I just copy and paste to the email, so yes, I can totally change the format of it, LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the team lead cause he is drowning right now – 2 people have left the department in past couple months, and another one just announced that they’re leaving, too. And I don’t think it’s because he’s an asshole, but there is just too much work and not enough people and he’s just not good at pushing back and saying no – and that fallout lands on everyone.

I’m just trying to not let it fall too much on me. But, hey, it does provide a smidge of job security I suppose.

Well, time to go tap dance around the “can this be done by Friday” question in the meetings. (The answer is yes if nothing goes wrong. HAHAHAHA.)

You have a great day!

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