Wow, it’s Monday again already

That was quick. But it was a fun weekend, and it’s only… 4 days and 11 hours until it’s back around again!

In international stuff I am weirdly fascinated by, it sure looks like Charles is gonna be an insufferable twat. Getting bitchy about an inkwell and telling foreign dignitaries they’re gonna have to take a bus to the funeral – well, he’s off to quite the start. (As he takes a private jet back up to Edinburgh to fetch the coffin rather than a train…) I think we’re seeing what happens when you’re pissed that it took too long to get to be the King. My brother says he lasts 5 years. I think he brings down the monarchy all on his own.

Like I said, weirdly fascinated by it all.

And in local stuff, TFS is in town and no one knows why. And I swear, seeing those photos last night set my teeth on edge. You get the fuck out of my town you asshole.

And on the most mundane of notes, it’s time to go do the thing and make the money and get a day closer to the weekend and retirement.

You have a great Monday – or at least get through it.

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