Goooood morning?

Did that seem chipper? It’s a stretch this morning, cause a certain kitty cat decided it was very important to let me know that my sunshine alarm had started to light up at 5:30 AM. (Just like it is supposed to.) And then got a case of the zoomies. And as such, I ended up hauling myself out of bed at 5:45.

She’s happily noshing on breakfast while I’m wondering if I stab a straw into my arm, can I just pour the coffee directly into my bloodstream.

Another fun thing this morning is Penfed’s website is all kinds of fucked up. Seems my username is all caps now, had to reset the password and still took a couple tries to get in. There’s a little “try our new experience” box on the website, and I suspect those upcoming changes are the culprit. Wheeeee!

In other dumb shit, the White House has a week before student loan repayments start and they are leaning towards canceling up to 10K for people making under 125K. Tell me you have no concept of the current student loan situation without telling me you have no concept of the student loan situation. You can contact the White House via Resistbot and tell them how damn useless this is. When it asks “Congress/State/Whatever” – just answer President. You can also use the White House contact form.

Honestly, if they won’t cancel all of it, but really want to make an impact – do 50K and drop interest to zero.

Yes, this administration has gotten a lot of good legislation through in the last couple months. Little to none of which have an immediate and tangible impact on Americans. I think there are more than a few swing voters out there that would think, “Hmmm, Dems really helped me with my student loans” when it comes time to vote. Hell, maybe even a few Republicans.

But, Biden et al seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot. Repeatedly.

Well, time to go make the money to pay the student loans.

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