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It’s a lovely day out there, sunny and not too hot, perfect farmers market morning. Got all the salad stuffs and more of the amazing sea salt chocolate chip shortbread, so my day got off to a good start.

I was reading a thread on Twitter the other day, the tl;dr is that Covid causes brain damage and health practitioners are seeing a LOT of it.* Then it dawned on me that this plus six years of barely acknowledged, much less treated, collective trauma is probably why so many folks out there seem more than a bit feral these days. Even today at the farmers market, I saw a guy get whiffy in the parking lot over a lady who apparently wasn’t walking fast enough to get out of his way. So many folks are short-tempered, oblivious, or both.

Some of it is the fact that you can’t help it if you’re cognitively impaired – if you even truly realize it. Think about how many asymptomatic cases there have been or mild cases that folks may not have even realized was Covid that resulted in their brain getting fucked up and they don’t even know it.

And some of it is just that people are fucking assholes and have been forever.

I’m so freakishly grateful that I can do anything even semi-normal. Like, probably to the point where it kinda weirds people out. I still seriously miss being able to have a sit down meal at a restaurant without it being a whole mess of risk assessment and stress – but I am still very happy for the things I can do. Farmers market, street fairs, even masking up and dashing in & out of Starbucks.

Just try your best to be kind, folks.

* I know it’s not really new information, but it just kinda brought it back into focus.

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