Oh, hello Monday…

And we start with my realizing that I really, REALLY need a new mattress. Nothing like a week on a mattress that *hasn’t* been used daily for the last…OMG, 17 years to notice the difference. Definitely going to make the time to visit the local definitely-not-a-money-laundering-front mattress shop this coming weekend.

I don’t want to work today, LOL. I want to be retired. Come oooooon, lottery! $530 million should do the trick, I think. If I hit it, I’ll get a new mattress AND box spring!

I’d briefly considered clearing out my work email yesterday, but decided against it, because dammit, I am still on vacation until I log in this morning. It’s gonna be the better part of an hour to slog through it all, I am sure. I did check my calendar on Teams to make sure there aren’t any 7:30AM meetings – I appear to be in the clear there at least.

Only 24 days until a long weekend!

The LilyMonster is back in fine form this morning, yelling and stomping around – bit of slow feeding yesterday and naps did the trick.

Welp, time to go to the thing to make the money to get to retirement. You have a great day!

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