My Nest Is Best

It’s a messy depression nest, but it’s mine and has a kitty, so, it’s the best.

I am still in good vacation vibes mode, and by 9:30 this morning I had already been out for coffee, hit the farmers market & grocery store, and we are set for not-leftover-pizza food for a few days at least. Thank you rice & quiche guy at the farmers market!

Lily has not shockingly been a velcro kitty since we got home – I’m wondering if maybe next year we need to go back to a petsitter – she’s does OK enough at the kennel, but as she gets older, it may be too much for her. At least I have *checks phone countdown* 354 days to get the house into “allow a non-family member in” shape, LOL. A couple times last night, she woke up (plastered against me) and let out the tiniest of “Mrrps?” and as soon as I put my hand on her, the INSANELY LOUD purring started and she smashed her head on me and went back to sleep.

Seriously, Southern Shores Realty – give us cat friendly rentals!!

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, lounging on the back of the sofa
The velcro kitty playing it cool this morning.

The trip home was uneventful after I waited out the storm cell in a parking lot, but I do love how it starts as google maps telling me, “You’ll be there by 12:22 PM!” and I arrived to pickup Lily at 2:30… An hour of that extra time was the storm plus stopping at every rest stop – the other hour and ten minutes was just…Northern Virginia being Northern Virginia.

I don’t know when VDOT started it, but the rest stops have these lovely pollinator gardens and yes, I took so many pretty flower pictures! I love how this shot came out almost like a painting.

A sunflower with a bumble bee on it
Bee friendly!

Though I didn’t do the best job of totally disconnecting this past week, the change of scenery, no work, and incredibly good food was just what I needed. I am going to allow myself to rest for the remainder of the weekend and just focus on getting vacation things put away. The to-do list will certainly still be there Monday morning.

You have a lovely day.

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