Ok, I’m good!

I have done everything I wanted to do, eaten tons of good food, and have now hit my away from home limit which seems to have shrunk to somewhere between four and five days, LOL

I’m gonna blame the pandemic for that.  Easier than asking myself what the hell is wrong with me, cause that could take weeks if not years to answer, and who has that kind of time?

Oh, I’m also gonna blame people. They’re just too much any day of the week, anywhere, even in a place where you can avoid them.

And today ended up being Very Mildly Cursed, so, yes, I am good on away from home time.

Umbrella lost in marsh, walked the boardwalk to all the shops in search of another one, found some at shop just *before* the loss (good mile and some walked south then north again before said shop), bottom of cup of beer caught on tiled counter at taco shop, sloshed beer all over myself, discovered coffee shop had stamp program far too late in trip, post lunch dessert coffee somehow sticky on outside of cup, resulting in sticky steering wheel.

But, at least I met this little guy who lives at the pond behind the coffee shop!

Just ignored all of us 🥰

Not sure if muskrat or nutria, but just living it’s best little life there.

ETA: This just happened with one of the new umbrellas:

Definitely a Mildly Cursed Day

Then it poured rain.

And another dinner was incredibly stressful.

Then my phone refused to charge and said the port was damaged. (It seems to have been the cable vs the port.)

Should have left yesterday.

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