Today may be the day!

I go ON the beach rather than just being AT the beach!

The grey weather seems to have finally broken and we have sun and warm temps. I think when am done with my coffee, I will get changed and head out for a bit so I can at least say I hit the beach once this year. And it’s early enough in theday, I’ll still have the afternoon to do whatever.

Though, as I get older, I care far less about being on the beach than just being at the beach. I do wish it could all be a little less covid-tastic. We’re being careful as always, but I’ll admit I’m so damn tired of it all. The pivot to all prevention being on individuals has been such a fucking disappointment and disaster, and the lack of structural mitigation is why we’re where we are today.

And honestly, being constantly on guard gets tiring. And people are going to mess up, because they’re human, and have zero support in this. And when the folks in charge have decided it isn’t a problem, how do you expect anyone to take it seriously anymore?

Ah well. Not much we can do except keep trying our best.

On a far more pleasant note – here are some sunny waves!

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