Another day,

Another firehose of news coming. Surprise witness in the J6 hearings – supposedly moved up due to security threats – so journalists were plastering a name all over the internet last night – great move, idiots.

Then the awful news out of Texas of the migrants dying in a truck.

And seems some of us can pray wherever the fuck we want and drag kids into it. The conservative justices claim of it being a private moment of prayer are bullshit and we all know it from the photos – and if it *had* just been the coach having himself a private moment of prayer – he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble in the first place.

Oh – and there is still a pandemic, and we’ve just stopped doing anything about it, so it’s not safe for anyone out there, YAY. We’re off our Omicron2 peak, but who knows if we’ll continue to trend downward or we’re just gearing up for another spike.

Anyone else having trouble sleeping or is it just me? 5 1/2 workdays days until I’m on PTO for a week and a half – I definitely need the change of scenery and some pato tacos on the boardwalk. Lord knows focusing at work has been a challenge, to put it mildly.

Well, time to get myself a day closer to the weekend and then some real time off.

You hang in there, OK?

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