What is this weird feeling?

OH – it’s feeling GOOD and not utterly exhausted. What a weird concept, but I’ll take it. I’m going to chalk it up to a few things:
– A short week at work that was *actually* a short week at work.
– Finally finishing off a task that had been hanging over my head for months and kept getting shoved off for other emergencies. My lord, it was great to cross THAT off my list.
– Getting outdoors in gorgeous weather for a few hours yesterday.

The fair was really awesome – it was all great. I probably spent too much money, especially after bitching about inflation, but I’d rather my money go to these small businesses where my purchase makes more of a direct impact – and interestingly, nothing seemed more expensive than any other year at any other fair. And where else am I going to get FIVE different kinds of spiced pecans?! (Never had sweet cayenne pecans before, and they are awesome and I keep thinking they’d be great on ice cream, but I suspect they’ll be gone before I get a pint of ice cream.)

At the end of the main street, there is a park on the river and they had a beer garden and a good cover band, and just sitting there in the sunshine with a beer watching the water was incredibly relaxing.

And on a silly note – the town is utterly FILLED with Pokestops, LOL, and with all the walking, I hatched a ton of Pokemon eggs, too. And I have finally done my 5K for the animal shelter with all the walking yesterday, so I can wear the t-shirt now. :-D


I wasn’t kidding when I said I may go back again today and just wander. My brother tagged along yesterday and the one thing we didn’t do was eat – oddly, neither one of us was super hungry, so if I do go back, I’m definitely getting a corndog or something. It would certainly be more enjoyable than trying on overpriced shorts at REI.

I’d move down to Occoquan in a heartbeat – it’s a cute walkable town on the water, which is what I want in life, but the condos there are in excess of 750K, LOL. The ones that actually face the water are over 1 million. I’ll have to settle for just going down there on the weekends more often – it’s a whopping 15 minutes away, with excellent food and cute little shops and a whole damn river right there.

I just can’t get over how much better I am feeling today – it’s not a manic thing (oh yes, that does cross my mind every time I don’t feel like 10 miles of bad road) – I’m just very genuinely rested and refreshed and after several months of NOT feeling that way – there is definitely a little euphoria that comes along with it.

To paraphrase the great Ernie Banks – it’s a great weekend for an arts & crafts fair – let’s go twice!

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