Well, it seems to be Monday again

And I don’t know about you, but somehow this weekend wasn’t at all restful and yet I didn’t really get jack done around the house either. It’s as if the constant fucking turmoil grinds you into dust or something.

I mean, it’s been 6 years of this shit – we had 45, then 45+Covid, then 1/6, then more Covid and Biden’s admin just dropping the ball repeatedly, and now this. I know anyone who isn’t white in this country has probably felt like this from the day they were born, and I don’t know how the fuck they manage it. And NONE of us should have to manage this.

The fact that five unelected people can strip the civil rights from over half the country – well, it’s completely fucked up and I know R’s see it as a feature, not a bug, but my god, what a fucking flaw in the system.

But we’re not supposed to protest this at their houses. I guess I’ll just contact SCOTUS’ Public Information Office? And don’t give me this “ewh, echoes of 1/6” bullshit – I don’t see anyone breaking into homes, assaulting police officers and trying to overthrow the government. I see a lot of folks milling about basically saying, “You suck.” Not the same. Weird how our First Amendment rights and theirs don’t seem to be the same.

And now I’m expected to just go to work and grind the gears for capitalism. And that’s another “feature” – if you have everyone in fear of losing their job because labor rights are pretty much non-existent, you can’t have a general strike or people out in the streets.

The silence at work is a lot like the start of the pandemic. It was unsettling and weird to just be expected to go on like everything was fine and it’s the same now. How can we in good conscience expect anyone who is pregnant, whether they know it or not, to go to Tennessee this fall? How can we guarantee they’ll be able to access lifesaving healthcare, god forbid they need it? We can’t, and we shouldn’t ask them to go. It’s not too late to move it or make it virtual again rather than force half the attendees and employees to stay home.

This is all bullshit.

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1 Response to Well, it seems to be Monday again

  1. wakingmuser says:

    It is indeed.

    The world goes down the pan and we ignore it. There’s a world wide virus and a vast group says ‘ignore it’. Someone decides that half a population don’t have a right to their own bodies and it’s like everyone seems to ignore it.

    It’s a bad human habit that we can easily put down something, turn and forget it. If it doesn’t have big dripping fangs and loom overhead we ignore it.

    I don’t know how to change that other than shaking people, one at a time, and pointing to the big monster as it eats someone else.

    I’m sorry you’re having to face this

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