The sun is shining, the birds are singing,

And all is fairly right in my little world. No real side effects from the Covid booster other than being kinda tired and a sore arm, and I 100% believe the post-shot ice cream cone eaten while sitting in the sunshine helped.

And our local farmers markets are open!!!!! I cannot explain why that is such a huge dopamine hit, but it sure is – I guess it’s the combination of being outside in nice weather and good food and it means that spring is here. We’ve got bread and empanadas and salad stuff!

Counter filled with bread and veggies and fruits from the farmers market
Om, nom, nom

Plus, there are some new vendors this year – dim sum, fresh pasta, and quiches! I’ll definitely be trying those over the course of the summer, plus the kiwi savory pie tent – it’s not new, but I somehow haven’t tried it yet. For the dim sum one, I legit need to do some research, cause I know nothing about dim sum other than it’s good and I don’t want to just stand there going, “Uhhh…”

Honestly, the change in weather and light and all that just does such wonders for my mood. Plus, empanadas. Fairfax County drives me fucking nuts, and I really should move farther south where there is more light and less winter, but I would really miss our farmers market.

And it’s such a lovely day, I’m gonna take my happy ass out for a walk and keep riding this good weather high I’ve got going.

You have an awesome day.

Here’s the LilyMonster is being rather goofy this morning…

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