I did not work yesterday. Too tired and too salty about it all. I’ll get things under control today, but damn, this is maddening. I like my work. I have a great team. Management is usually not completely clueless. But this, “well, raises are shit again this year, because, reasons, and hey, let’s double your workload without any changes in staffing” – it’s some seriously short-sighted bullshit. Add to it the promotion I was promised at hire + 1 year that has yet to materialize – yeah, I’m super salty. (It was because I went from a Level 5 in support to Level 4 in QC, and it affects the bonus payout, so they wanted to get me kicked back up to Level 5, but I’ve given up on it ever happening. I assume it went out the window when I bailed on being scrum master after the position was completely misrepresented to me.)

If we weren’t getting fucked on our workloads, I probably wouldn’t give a shit and just roll with it. But I’m sure management also knows that no one is in the mood to try to find a new job, so they’re just gonna keep squeezing.

In other shit that’s making my brain hurt, I’m apparently eligible for another Covid booster shot. Though there is part of my brain wondering why bother since it’s not like I am taking advantage of being vaccinated in any way, shape or form anyway. I’ll get it, but it feels a tiny bit pointless. I also have to figure out how to coordinate it with the shingles vaccine I need to get, too.

Ah well, it will all work out one way or another. Gonna go for a walk and see if I can’t burn off some of this pissiness and then try to see what I can do to make tomorrow less of a shitshow.

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