We made it!!

And it didn’t seem totally plausible around noon on Wednesday, but it’s Friday – you did it. Pat on the back time. And we have a half day today that should actually be a half day!

I don’t mind the occasional long day, but this week has pummeled me into the ground. This special release nonsense for our one client is just not sustainable. It’s not permanent, thank god, but it’s just a mess.

Today’s big fun plans are have a normal short workday, and then go to the dentist to get the price tag for my health. And then call the dentist next door who is in-network for my insurance and see if we can’t make this cheaper. (My old insurance paid pretty well for out of network. My insurance with work is SHIT.) I really like my dentist, but he’s just too damn expensive and my insurance is just too crappy to keep seeing him given the fact that I have the mouth of a medieval peasant despite brushing, flossing, and rinsing like it’s a religion.

I’d feel bad for bailing on my current dentist, but free market health care will do that.

And I don’t know about you, but keeping up with the news is ridiculous. We’ve got the wife of a Supreme Court Justice spouting Q-Anon theories at the Chief of Staff in the middle of an insurrection. (Uhh, Ginni, what did you do to your husband?) A former President suing his opposition over an election he *won*. We’re about to run out of Covid funds. Ukraine. A new Justice having to put up with some serious racist bullshit in her confirmation hearings.

And I’ve probably missed some other important stuff, but I don’t know how anyone is keeping up with it.

Welp, time to go make the money to pay the dental bills, LOL. Have a great Friday!

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