The joy of a global team 12 hours ahead of you

And overcatering to one client. I left work Friday with things under control and then was somehow behind when I got into work on Monday. I’m sure the folks in the Phillipines encounter the same thing with our Friday emails when their Monday starts, but damn, I came into a crush of stuff yesterday.

And overcatering…OMG. We’re doing special weekly updates for one client, and I totally get why we’re doing it, but hoooooboy, it’s fucking up our shit. Things have to be tested before they go in the special update, and then the update itself has to be tested. And rather than put things in the special update as they’re tested and available, we’re shortening test time to get more into the special updates – it’s just not ideal.

There’s one particular app that I even said I had concerns about cause it’s gonna need detail work – the last time we made changes to another app in the same way, there were so many little broken bits and I fear the same here and rushing it through is gonna be bad.

Plus, there are some “well, you can test these together” things, but not really. Sometimes you can test Process X & Y together cause they flow right into each other. But you can’t necessarily combine testing for Defect A & B in the same fell swoop cause they’re just too different to try and easily combine and analyze if the system is doing what it should. Which is totally fine when we have our regular testing schedules but these shortened schedules make it very freakin’ difficult.

In short, this is why my alarm went off at 6 this morning instead of 7 and why despite the fact that I’ll be started working by 7:30 – it is HIGHLY unlikely I’ll be escaping at 4:30, and this will likely continue for the rest of the week. I mean, if you want employees to unionize, stuff like this is how you get it.

But, I’ve said my piece and I hope I’m wrong, but no one can say I didn’t speak up.

On a personal note, in an attempt to be healthier as I get old and creaky, I have gone for a walk two days in a row, and hit my “heart points” goal the AHA recommends, and damn if my sleeping resting heart rate didn’t go back under 70 immediately. I’ve also found out that just going one loop around the block hits the goal for the day. Which is good, and also, a bit embarrassing that I’ve not been doing what is essentially very little to make a difference. Oops.

But, I’ll be finding time at lunch or after work today to get around the block again. And yes, I do look like this, going for my walk for my stupid mental & physical health:

Cranky looking eagle stomping through water.

Have a great day and get yourself out for a walk if you can.

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