Well, only took a whole week

But I seem to be adjusted to the time change – woke up at my regular weekend time, a little before the alarm clock and I am feeling pretty decent. Amazing how one hour can mess me up so much.

Of course, age may have something to do with it, too. I did join AARP this week… Lots of discounts + very nice tote bag, hell, why not.

Age is also making me confront the fact that my lifestyle is far too sedentary, and “those who know these things” say I should be getting 150 minutes of “moderate” exercise a week. And of course, yoga doesn’t count.

So since the weather is cooperating, I went for a walk today – with music to keep me going* and singing and kinda dancing along when a banger came on. Now, this does result in my looking like I’m having a walking seizure, but I like to think that it does up the difficulty a half notch at least.

So, 38 minutes, 2 1/4 miles, felt good, lots of hills, decent bit of exercise I’d say. Fitbit: Congrats on your 12 minutes of cardio, LOL.


* One earbud only – safety first and all that.

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