It is FRIDAY!!!

And I am SO READY FOR THE WEEKEND. Spring time change always messes me up, and I swear this year is worse, but I probably say that every year. I know the sleep experts say it’s better to stay on Standard Time, but I also understand why Congress stuck w/Daylight Time since we’re already there 8 out of 12 months a year. I just hate the spring switch so much.

Add to it a plague and the world being on fire, and well, it’s a lot for my aging brain and body.

Speaking of plagues, we’re within spitting distance of Moderate Community Transmission here in the county – just in time for Omicron 2 to swoop in. As someone pointed out on Twitter it’s amazing how we went from “everyone needs N95’s everywhere” to “fuck it, go lick some doorknobs” in no time at all. I will never, ever forgive the feds (BOTH admins) for abandoning us over and over again. I’m all for everyone doing their personal part, but we still need some structural support here.

And a petty thing that REALLY pisses me off? After non-vaccinated people, vaccinated folks who have managed to not get Covid are at the highest risk for this new variant. It’s just one of those SERIOUSLY? moments. I did everything I was supposed to do and every damn variant seems to mean I have to avoid it harder. And I realize how lucky I am that I can fairly easily take steps to avoid it – but I’m still annoyed as fuck about it.

Well, it’s time to go do the thing to pay the bills. Figure out some small kind thing you can do for yourself today and this weekend – you’ve earned it and then some.

ETA: And my day gas started with “Can you do this thing because coworker is out?” Sure, not like I had enough work to last me until August or anything like that.

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