Happy Early Meeting Wednesday!

And thankfully, Miss Monster let me sleep through the night.

So, looks like we’re ditching Standard Time if the bill gets through the House. I did not expect that legit EVERYONE on my Twitter timeline would hate it, for all different reasons.

Some folks are mad that Congress seems to be able to do this and nothing else.

Some folks are mad that it will be dark in the morning.

But pretty much everyone was mad.

God help me, I am in agreement with Marco Fucking Rubio for once in my life – he pointed out if folks don’t want their kids going to school in the dark, we should move school start times later, cause study after study after study has said that school starts too early for kids.

Overall, it was quite the “fuck your seasonal depression” scrolling day and for all the bitching twice a year about the time change, I did not see that reaction coming at all. Guess more people liked Standard Time than I’d ever imagined.

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism – you have a great day and enjoy the fact that it’s not dark at 4-fucking-30 in the afternoonl.

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2 Responses to Happy Early Meeting Wednesday!

  1. Ashley says:

    The Daylight Savings Time debate is one of those issues I have deliberately avoided learning too much about or forming any kind of opinion on, because life is short and I only have so much energy. But I do know that my current psych and previous therapist were absolutely adamant that it be retained. For seasonal affective order, it’s better to have earlier light than later light. But that’s literally all I know. I guess I will know next year whether it’s good or bad!

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