Putin is invading Ukraine and I guess we’re just letting it happen. We’ve just abandoned the Ukrainian people. I know I don’t feel good about that. These people shouldn’t have to be getting instructions on how to make molotov cocktails to go up against tanks. I get that no one wants to get in a fucking land war in Eastern Europe, but JFC, “Good luck with that” shouldn’t be the worldwide response.

Here in the US, the CDC is ditching current mask guidance for IDK, “Do whatever the fuck you want, we don’t care” I guess. They say it’s going to take hospital admissions/capacity into account and such – yeah, let’s make the guidance more complicated. What we had was fine. Substantial/High – mask up. Low/Moderate – up to you. Very simple, but I guess it highlights the fact that 95% of the country is still in high transmission status and the admin has failed with its vaccination only strategy. But if no one is wearing masks, I guess Covid is over.

And an incredibly small and selfish annoyance – we made our numbers for bonuses at work and we were supposed to get those today. It is not in my bank account. I was just gonna chuck it into savings, so it’s not like I’m bouncing checks or anything, but FFS, when you say it will be with the last February payroll, it should be there.

It’s gonna be a hard day with many more to come. If you need to turn off the news, do it.

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