I made it to PTO!

Granted, I will have to pop online on Monday briefly to see if a client sent a file our devs need, but that’s nothing, I MADE IT TO PTO!!!!!!

And you’d think with a whole ass pandemic, I would have very little to do for Christmas, and yet…

I beat my ADHD brain this morning and hit the grocery store as soon as I got up – despite my brain going, “BUT THE OIL CHANGE ON THE CAR IS AT 11:30!” We now have everything for Christmas brunch except a danish, and ancient items in the freezer are gone.

The new Jeep gets free oil changes for a while, so I’m taking it to the dealership – supposedly the car has a light that comes on when the oil needs to be changed, but I barely trust the automatic lights, there is no way I’m waiting for a light to come on about the oil. Seriously, what happens when that light burns out or the sensor goes? Then the oil change light becomes the check engine light, and we’re not going there.

Then I’ll be getting Lily some Christmas presents from our lovely Felix & Oscar – it’s such a great little shop and Lily deserves ALL THE TOYS for being the bestest little pandemic buddy.

And if I’m feeling really, really brave, I will be hitting up Trader Joe’s for Christmas Eve appetizers.

And if all that doesn’t flatten me, I’ll be digging out crappy caulk from the tub and doing some re-caulking. I have the tools and everything for that.

I’ll be lucky if I’m still awake by the time movie time comes around tonight, LOL.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, lounging on a chair.
Yes, I am pretty awesome
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