Well, it’s Monday again

And that is kinda bullshit. Not only do I have an 8AM meeting today, I HAVE A DAMN FULL WORKWEEK. At least next week has a half-day Friday and the week after, I’m on PTO for the week.

And in domestic nonsense, I have gotten the house to the point where I can get the plumbers in, yay! Gonna get a new valve for the water intake on the toilet, a new handle & valve in the shower, and as long as they’re here, a couple new sink faucets. The sink faucets are mostly cosmetic (and frankly, a bit lipstick on a pig given the age of the bathrooms) but they’re nearing end of life, and might as well get it all done in one go.

I hate having to bring them in with cases back on the rise, but this shit has got to be done, and I don’t have the skills to do it on my own.

Speaking of stupid pandemics – why the fuck were we not requiring negative tests within 24 hours for everyone for any airline travel? That would have done us far more good than travel bans.

Of course, I say all this as a resident of a state that will do fucking nothing and everyone is on their own. Northam checked out on the pandemic as soon as vaccines were available, and I know damn good and well Youngkin won’t do shit. Gotta love money over safety!

Well, time to go get more coffee and go to this meeting – you have a great Monday! Or a tolerable one at least, LOL.

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