Goooooooooood morning!

It’s fuck me it’s early Wednesday – meeting at 730AM, and then – a meeting at 9PM… So, ugly early start, but not only off earlier cause of the AM meeting, off an extra hour to make up for coming back for the 9PM meeting. Oh yes, there is gonna be an evening nap in there somewhere, I am quite sure.

Would it be really bad to be enjoying my Day 1 advent wine in the 9PM meeting? (Yes, I found an advent wine box last month. Of course I bought it.)

This morning BBC is reporting that Nairobi has found Omicron cases going back as far as October.

Travel bans are definitely a “close the barn door when the horses are 3 counties away” at this point, especially when they’re “well, *our* people can come in, just not *other* people” – as though Covid is checking passports. We’ve ALL got to get on the ball with sequencing – finding things 2 months after the fact seems not great.

If Covid wasn’t utter shit and killing people and destroying society in general, it would be utterly fascinating to study how it’s spreading and figuring out where and how and why new variants actually emerge. I kinda feel for the scientists on this, cause I know if *I’m* thinking, “Wow, what triggered *these* mutations? Where did it happen? What made conditions perfect for this?” with the curiosity that I have while also thinking “this isn’t fascinating, it’s TERRIBLE” – they must be in the same weird boat.

Alright, time to go stumble into the day. Stay safe, mask up, get boosted, don’t lick any doorknobs.

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