It’s 0 Dark Thirty Wednesday!

And it is legit dark out there. Ride to Starbucks was lights on the whole time. And the automatic lights on the car do in fact, work! (I don’t really drive at night/in the dark these days, cause I’m old and there is nowhere to go.)

And bless all those runners and walkers out there this morning, in the freakin’ DARK, getting their exercise, AND wearing all sorts of light up gear so I could see them and not run over them. Thank you!

And in second childhood nonsense, I have a goddamn ear infection. Of course, I spent half of last week thinking “oh, it’s the change in the weather” before it dawned on me, this is not barometric induced ear congestion and pain. Yay for telemedicine, tho – prescription for the infection and Mucinex for decongestion help. (And the Mucinex a) helps a lot and b) doesn’t make me feel like “I can feel my hair grow” which is helpful.) And I’ve added in Afrin for good measure – we’re gonna dry this shit out from every angle.

And props to the telemedicine doctor who realized a 49 year old woman probably knows when she has an ear infection and didn’t feel the need to second guess me or act like I was drug seeking. (Yes, looking for that sweet, sweet antibiotic “my ear doesn’t hurt and I can hear again” high.)

Time to go start my day with ALL THE MEETINGS, YAY.

You have a fantastic, meeting free day.

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